We will be a US Touring Festival. Meaning, a different city each year!

In the last three years we have called it the Mid-Michigan youth media initiative and have been honored with over 80 attendees total and featured a few films. This is our first year listing is as an actual festival.
Our festival will host Film screenings, Masterclass sessions on acting 101, production ideas, location list, film travel perks, writing, financing options and an award night.

We are also adding Distribution to our festival. Yes, we will be distributing selected content worldwide!

Gift Cards, Award Plaques, and Free production related Masterclasses.

No Nudity, No discrimination, no racism, no sexism, and no bigotry.

Overall Rating
  • What do you want from a festival?
    Flix has it

    February 2021
  • Thanks for believing in Whisper, choosing and screening it.

    February 2021
  • Marcos Altuve

    It has been an honor that our short film "Backhand stroke" has been selected. The Festival is interesting. Could be better with communication. But in general it is very good.

    February 2021
  • Excellent festival! I'm proud to be among the other amazing selections from this year!

    February 2021
  • Uriel Silva

    A great festival! I am very happy to have been invited to this incredible festival. May we have more festivals like this and more beautiful films to be shown!

    February 2021