Flickers originally is a monthly event held at the Starr Bar in Brooklyn, New York, which screens a variety of experimental works for live audiences. The event is run by the Brooklyn-based programmer Evan Schwartz. Now Flickers has gone outside of New York for the first time.

The festival is happening in Eindhoven at different locations and times every three to four months.

For the first edition we had a full house with over a hundred members in the audience to witness 11 short films listed in the bottom. We recommend watching them to give you an idea what we're looking for.

The second edition had a full cinema room as well and with eight of the ten filmmakers present, there was plenty of interaction. For the shorts selected you can also look at the bottom.

Follow us at @flickersehv on Instagram and check for more info at https://pimvogels.nl/Flickers

First edition:
Brushstrokes/golpesdepincel - Francisco Rojas
Time - Ben Creech
Gotas de miel y cuágulos de sangre – Jordi Perez
Expectations - Joshua Headley
Doble placer verde - Ani Katamadze
All the Best – MLP
Volitantes - Andy DeAngelo
Bailey’s Beads – Johnny Clyde
Every Inch of Mona - Lucas C. Ospina
Secrets – Skyler Hagner
Possession to Nature – Jimin Hong

Second edition:
ECHOES - Sem Beex
De stilte vanuit zijn kant was zo luid dat ik dacht dat het drie bedden in mij bezet hield - Chiara Pastoor
Real Love Baby - Tim Gersen
I Dream my Dream - Monique van Kerkhof/ Bo Oudendijk
No Service - Bram Ruiter
Walkers - Philip Lüschen
My Phone Needs to Charge - Tobi Springer
OQQI - Okki Poortvliet
Portrait of a Burning Soul - Finn Schouten/ Kay Dekkers
Zure Melk - Yasemin Kevser

There are no awards or prizes rewarded during Flickers. we solely exist as a space where the experiment gets a podium. With this we generate an audience for the creators, as well as give the audience an accessible program of an underexposed genre.

The early bird submission fee is €3-.
The regular submission fee is €5,-.

This is due to an overload of submissions on the first edition were there was no submission fee.

Flickers Eindhoven is non-profit, so all fees will go to organizing future events and to supporting the selected filmmakers.

• Your film must be experimental.

• Features are allowed, but be aware the chances are very low you will get selected, since the focus is on shorts!!

• Locations of screening could vary throughout Eindhoven.