Flickers originally is a monthly event held at the Starr Bar in Brooklyn, New York, which screens a variety of experimental works for live audiences. The event is run by the Brooklyn-based programmer Evan Schwartz. Now Flickers will go outside of New York for the first time.
The festival will be happening in Eindhoven at different locations and times every two to three months. The first edition will be a test run with a limited number of tickets. The August date will be shared soon, and the underground location will be announced exclusively to ticketholders. The first edition will be free, including drinks and snacks, but donations are welcome.

Follow us at @flickersehv on Instagram.

The submission fee is €2,-. This is due to an overload of submissions on the first edition were there was no submission fee.
Flickers Eindhoven is non-profit, so all fees will go to organizing future events and to supporting the selected filmmakers.

• Your film must be experimental.

• Features are allowed, but be aware the chances are very low you will get selected, since the focus is on shorts.

• No ticket prices for the event.

• Locations of screening could vary throughout Eindhoven.