Surfing and the ocean have incredible benefits on your mental health and wellbeing. This event created is a cinematic celebration about 'How surfing positively impacts your life'. High quality cinematographers have been invited to create and show their footage.

Top three films will be featured on Tracks official website
The winner of the event will receive $5k, along with a featured article in Tracks Magazine.

1. Your film must be no longer than 7 minutes (including credits).
2. Your film must portray a strong message of 'how surfing positively impacts your life'.
3. Your film must not obtain any nudity.
4. Your film will be judged on high quality cinematography, music, editing and creative content.
5. Your film must have cleared music rights and it's up to you to negotiate or create your own music.
6. Once you submit your film, you must purchase a ticket for the event .
7. Your films first public screening must be at 'Fisherflicks Short Surf Film Festival 2017'.
8. Your film can only be submitted via the website.