NOTE: This festival is still taking place each week despite the COVID-19 virus. All festival dates have been relegated to private screenings with the same Audience FEEDBACK videos made for the short films, and recorded script readings performed by professional actors for the screenplays.

I’d never seen a contest that took only the first moment of a screenplay. The first moments can make or break a script in any competition, but I like that WILDsound looks at the opening on its own. Positive feedback on an unfinished piece can truly motivate a writer to push through to the end.
- LOVELESS by Chris Courtney Martin

At least 2-5 winners every single month. Get your screenplay performed by professional actors. FULL FEEDBACK on all entries.

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In the first 10 pages the writer needs to let the reader know in general terms what the story is about, and what is at stake. Plus, set the tone of what world and genre the writer has created, while also introducing the main characters. All the while you need to engage and entertain the reader.

The contest was created because this is an industry where agents/producers and their team are so busy and are reading so many scripts that if you do not grab them right away then they will put down the script and move onto another one. So you have to capture their attention when you’re writing on spec.

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1st Scene Testimonials:

Wow,the screenplay review is incredibly detailed and helpful! Big thanks.
– Steve Mikals, 1st Scene Script “Man Seeking Money”

Thank you very much for the pleasant feedback. I completely understand about the whole flashback bit and will work to change it. Otherwise I’m glad you like the immediate conflict which I thought would grab the audiences/readers attention instantly.
– Tom Dunham, 1st Scene Script “Rise of the Irishman”

The communication, organization and feedback these guys offer are fantastic and scriptwriters of all disciplines and experience should be jumping at the service WILDsound provides. The best thing about it is they are as enthusiastic as you about your work. Thank you to everyone involved with WILDsound.
– Grant Reid, 1st Scene Submission

I want to thank you for your feedback on my screenplay. The feedback gave me real direction on how to perfect this piece. I look forward to resubmitting in the near future. Thank you for this great experience.
– Anthonio Vole, 1st Scene Screenplay

Thank you so much for your feedback. It is thought provoking and helpful. I feel the urge to go back to line one and make the scenes a lot more punchy.
– Darryl Greer, 1st Scene Screenplay (The Morning After)


FULL FEEDBACK on your screenplay from our committee of Professional Screenwriters, Filmmakers, Production Heads and Script Consultants. Get your script performed by professional actors at the Writing Festival.

SAVE $10 TODAY and SUBMIT your Short Screenplay to our festival.

Submissions take 3-5 weeks for evaluation

NEW OPTION for FILMMAKERS: Submit your under 10 minute film and get it shown at the FEEDBACK Film Festival. Garner and audience feedback video of your film.

NEW OPTION for FILMMAKERS: Submit your under 10 minute film and get it shown at the FEEDBACK Film Festival. Garner and audience feedback video of your film.

FULL FEEDBACK on all entries. Winners (at least 40 a year) get their first scenes of their script or their short screenplay read at the MONTHLY Screenplay Festival.

At least 2-5 winners every single month. Get your screenplay performed by professional actors.

Watch the recent 1st scene screenplay winning readings:

Send in your first scenes of your feature, short, or TV Pilot screenplay. Limit 10 pages.

Are you just starting off your screenplay and want immediate feedback on your first scenes/first moments of your script? Send your first scene (or first moments - 10pg. limit) and get feedback. Winners (at least 40 a year) get their first scene read at the MONTHLY WILDsound Screenplay Festival. FULL FEEDBACK on all entries.

Here are some recent testimonials from submitted works to the contest:

I’m thrilled that my script has made it to this stage. I found it was very cool hearing it being read out loud with a cast of characters. I know where the script is supposed to go and hearing it on the video I can see it happening. I want to thank you and your team for all the work you put in to getting my script to this point. I really appreciate it.
Barb Markusa
The Other Side, 1st Scene Script

Thank you for the feedback on my screenplay. I am most appreciative of your comments. I am happy that I sent only the first 10 pages of my screenplay. Now I will carefully read over what I need to work on, and continue to improve on the rest of it as I proceed.
June Fleming
The Children of the Fire, 1st Scene Script

I really enjoyed the video, and think everyone did an awesome job! Thank you all so much! You guys are great!!
Justuce Heninger
Of Their Own Accord, 1st Scene Script

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I will make sure I solidify the script with the suggestions given before resending it.
Stephen Uyi
Soul Cops, 1st Scene Script

Overall Rating
  • Thank you, First Scene! Communication was amazingly prompt. Thanks for walking me through the process. It was a positive experience and I learned along the way. Highly recommend!

    January 2020
  • A great festival with excellent communication.

    January 2020
  • Kristy Leigh Lussier

    Fantastic experience! Very thrilled to have our comedy screenplay "The Wreckers" selected and showcased ....and the feedback we received was above and beyond what we thought! So helpful and beneficial. :) As well these guys are so active on Twitter promoting all the selected projects - its nice to see their commitment to helping new writers / filmmakers grow! Thanks again !

    February 2018
  • Della Greenawalt

    This is a classy festival. Professional and informative, and the actors are great, making the scripts they read sound wonderful.

    September 2017
  • sherwin allen

    I love this festival, good communication and the actors always do a brilliant job on the scripts.

    September 2017