Final Girls Berlin Film Festival showcases horror cinema that’s directed, written, or produced by women and non-binary filmmakers. We are committed to creating space for female voices and visions, whether monstrous, heroic, or some messy combination of the two, in the horror genre.

We are holding the ninth edition of FGBFF from February 8-11 2024 in City Kino Wedding in Berlin. We are looking for horror films of all lengths (as well as films with horror elements or films that pay homage to horror). We are also extra excited if female filmmakers wish to visit the festival in order to participate in panels, or give talks or workshops on a particular aspect of horror cinema.

Short film submissions are eligible for an Audience Award. Ballots will be distributed and collected at screenings of each shorts program.

Final Girls Berlin accepts submissions of both short and feature-length films, as well as films that don't fit neatly in either of those formats.

All submitted films must be written, directed, or produced by women, trans, or non-binary filmmakers.

All submitted films must be considered horror, or at least have horror elements.

You may submit films regardless of prior screening status or year of completion.

Preferred formats: mp4 with aac sound codec, blu-ray discs; DCP

Promo materials such as posters, t-shirts, etc. are very welcome and will be distributed to the audience at the festival.

Once a film has been accepted into the official festival program it can no longer be withdrawn.

The filmmaker grants permission to FGBFF to screen the film at the advertised festival as well as future FGBFF events (unless indicated otherwise in a cover letter with the submission form).

The filmmaker agrees that the festival can use up to 5 stills from the movie for promotional purposes.

Overall Rating
  • Fantastically organised fest! Gutted to have not been able to attend in person, but we felt really well looked after regardless - 100% recommend!

    June 2023
  • Savanna Hunter-Reeves

    Incredible fest! Fast and pleasant communication with the co-founders, amazing lineup of horror films. So honored to have been apart of it.

    February 2023
  • It was a big pleasure traveling to Berlin and this festival in particular. Thanks for having my ETHEL in this wonderful short program

    February 2023
  • Amazing festival! I was not able to attend due to work and travel, but Final Girls made all of their shorts available online. Communication was excellent and it is obvious that this festival has a strong community of filmmakers who support one another. They showcased such incredible films that explored a variety of themes and topics of the female and/or queer experience. This was an amazing festival especially for my first film. Submit here!!!

    February 2023
  • I am very honored that my film was able to participate in this wonderful film festival. I will continue to work hard and make films so that I can participate in this festival again someday.

    August 2022