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Yeehaw! The Rootinest Tootinest film fest in the west!
If you missed the premiere screening on Friday Oct 7th in Moab, don't worry as you can watch all the films in their glory here Plus a special message from Kevin Costner!

The winners were...
BEST FILM - Last Chance To Live
BEST ACTING - Last Chance To Live
BEST TALE - Last Chance To Live
BEST HAT - Cow Dog
BEST STYLE - Moon Hexes
BEST EDITING - The Gathering Part 1
BEST SOUND - Moon Hexes
BEST BAD GUY - Settling Hash
AUDIENCE AWARD - Settling Hash

Wild Weird Wacky Westerns is on the horizon.
A rootin' tootin' 6 shootin' new Filmulate Fest coming your way!
Register now in time for the kick off on September 23rd, you'll get your final elements then.  Giving a full 2 weekends to make your film!

Get your hat and horse dusted off.

Registration opens August 15th
Get your teams signed up and pick a sub-genre, then at the kick off, we'll release the choice of elements.

www Westerns Sub Genre

A stranger comes to town.
This town ain't big enough.
Struck Gold.
Wanted Dead or Alive.

Kick off Sept 23rd - Kickoff date!
We'll be quick on the draw when the clock strikes noon...

And the elements are!!
Pick one from each section to include in your film!

Action - Revenge, Get a posse together, A hoedown
Location - Sunrise or Sunset, A bridge, A doorway
Prop - A jacket pocket, A horseshoe, A candle

Films due virtually Monday October 3rd by 10am (uploaded here)
Screening Friday October 7th at Historic Star Hall in Moab
Doors at 6pm - Films at 7pm!

We'll also have 2 free virtual presentations and workshops.
Virtual workshop 1 - September 14th 6pm-7pm

Virtual workshop 2 - September 21st 6pm-7pm
Filmmaking and fest tips. September 21st
Passcode Filmulate

Join us for our 2nd WILD WEIRD WACKY WESTERNS workshops and presentations.
Whether you have signed up or still thinking about it. this is the time to jump in and get the filmmaking tips and tricks to help you make the best film but also have the best time doing it!

We'll go over everything that is Filmulate. From the beginning to the middle to the end. From storytelling to uploading and everything in between.

Presented by Festival Producer Brian Higgins.

Registration $50
Free for Grand County and San Juan County Middle and High Schoolers
Remember when registering to fill in what you can now, then upload film and info when ready. You will need to have a FilmFreeway account for your project beforehand.

Step by Step guide.
A - Create a FilmFreeway Account for your film (it's free)
B - Fill in as much as you know now, it can all be changed later.
C - Go to fest page and click submit the project.
D - This is where you will add the team name and pick sub genre.
E - Upload digital file when film is complete to the project page.
F - It will automatically upload to your fest submission. 


Other Filmulate Fests screen at applicable times of the year, promoting and developing emerging and established filmmaking talents throughout the world.

Featuring specific genres and challenges including, Moab Monster Movie Mash, Dark Christmas Festival and Home Town Tales Documentary.

Each fest features a specific challenge as follows.

Moab Monster Movie Mash - Desert Monsters Rise.

Demonchaser - It's Dark in the Cinema.

Dark Christmas Festival - Presence! I've got a feeling this isn't going to be a good holiday.

Home Town Tales Documentary - Truth is Stranger - Focus on the storytelling and dig up some hidden gems in your back yard.

Filmulate Fests exists to bring community back into the theatres.

See You In The Movies.

1) Guaranteed Theatrical Screening with live audience in Moab.

2) Custom branded trophy.

3) Free entry to future Filmulate Fests.

4) Opportunity to screen internationally.

5) Option to be included in a feature film anthology.

6) Celebrity industry judges (past have included Thomas Jane and Brian Trenchard Smith)

Filmulate Submission Rules

The normal rules are for normal fests. Just a couple of rules here.

A) You are responsible for providing a safe set and following all Covid related safety guidelines. Neither Filmulate, Moab Arts, Red Rock Arts Festival or Monument Valley Film Commission is responsible for any illness or injuries while producing your film.

B) Your film must be under 10 mins.

C) First come first served. (all ages welcome). Only 1 screening.

D) Your film must be appropriate to screen publicly.

E) Deadlines.
www Westerns, registration opens August 15th, Kick Off is September 23rd to get your elements, your film must be uploaded by October 3rd 2022 at 10am.

Demonchaser, registration opens September 5th, your film must be uploaded by October 17th at 10am.

F) Screenings.
www Westerns Screening is October 7th 2022. Historic Star Hall in Moab, UT.

Demonchaser screening will be an evening on the week of October 24th-27th, location and date TBC.

FIRST THINGS FIRST!! Download and complete Team Leader Waiver. Without this your film is not qualified.

Lower rules are applicable to all fests.

1) Register to receive the "enigma". An individual element challenge that must be included in your film. This is a puzzle piece engaging audience interaction.

2) Pick your theme of the fest you are entering

3) Your finished film must be uploaded through FilmFreeway by the closing date listed above for submission.

4) The finished featured films have no minimum duration, and a maximum of 10 minutes duration—not including end credits. In other words, the official running time begins after the required Filmulate slates and ends prior to the end credits. The required slates and the end credits do not count towards the official duration. The film story may not be longer than 10 minutes. The Film does not have to be the full allocated time. Shorter films are sometimes better. An additional 60 seconds can be used for end credits. Opening credits are included in the 10 minutes.

5) PRE-FILM REQUIRED SLATES: Before the finished film begins, the media should have...

5 seconds of black
A title card with: team name, title, genre, elements, city, and date
Applicable fest title animation found here...
www Westerns - Moab Monster Movie Mash - Demonchaser - Dark Christmas - Home Town Tales
2 seconds of black
Your Film
At the end of your credits "a FILMULATE Film 202_"
You are responsible for the playability of your film. If your submission does not play, every effort will be made to contact you for an acceptable version before the screening.
This may disqualify you from the judging due to time constraints.

Contact with any further questions.

*By entering you you agree as the team captain to be fully responsible for all cast and crew safety and production compliance of all rules and regulations of any locations you use. All licensing for materials is also the team captain’s responsibility. Filmulate nor Moab to Monument Valley Film Commission is not responsible or liable for any element of your production/film. Please be sure to submit the waiver. These terms are in effect with or without the submitted waiver.*

Overall Rating
  • JR Timothy

    I had an absolutely amazing time. Everyone was so nice and the town is beautiful. The setting for the film festival is also really cool. This is like a hometown community film festival vibe. Way more fun and approachable than other premium festivals.

    October 2022
  • I Love Filmulate and have very affectionate—bordering on complicated—feelings for Brian Higgins!😉

    June 2021
  • Marty Hicks

    Its like a family gathering with the local film community. Very enjoyable..

    October 2020
  • Jacob Butterfield

    Great festival, I'm glad we were still able to have it safely despite the pandemic. The films were great too, I look forward to participating and attending in the future!

    October 2020
  • Brandon Carraway

    I gave five stars to almost everything because everything went really smoothly. The communication was excellent and the crowd was super nice. So glad they made it work even with COVID. Obviously, the networking was nonexistent with social distancing and what not. But they seem to really care about the festival.

    October 2020