An independent cultural initiative, the TECHIRGHIOL ART FESTIVAL aims to create a context for expressing the effervescence of creation on the romanian coast.

The TECHIRGHIOL ART FESTIVAL will first of all have a film section and a theater section, with events dedicated to audiences of all ages: children's shows, independently produced short film competition, street performances, screening of romanian feature films, meetings with story characters, film workshops, etc.

This year’s theme is FANTASY.

For those arriving here for the first time, the organizers have prepared guided tours inspired by the history of the place including both cultural sites and architectural or entertainment buildings, thus helping them to penetrate the spirit of the place.

For the TECHIRGHIOL ART FEST, the year 2023 means the continuation of a tradition that we want to be perennial, a tradition that once existed in these lands, maybe in a different form, but whose testimony we find inscribed in the aesthetics of buildings, in sculptures which populates the central park, in the buildings of already existing shows and simply in the poetry of the place that has attracted lovers of beauty of all times.

A total of 1000 € for the prizes:
1. Winner 500 €
2. Finalist 300 €
3. Nominee 200 €

A certificate for the winner or participation in the competition.

**each cash prize will be subject to the payment of bank transfer fees depending on the country in which the winner is located; all prizes will be sent from Romania**

Each short film will be reviewed by our three judges after the film is scored by our screening team.


- Only Fantasy and Sci-Fi movies allowed.
- To submit a movie, you must own the rights or have the permission of the owner.
- Any foreign film that is not in Romanian language must have Romanian or English subtitles in the folder (.srt)
- Not all works are selected for the official competition that will take place during the festival. Our jury is free to make its own choices, and the answers will be communicated on August 1st, 2023, regardless of whether the films will be selected or not.
- The festival may disqualify any film if its content is considered inappropriate.
- Applicants must accept the TAF Rules and Terms.
- All personal information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with third parties.
- By submitting your movie, you authorize the TAF to use, distribute, and share the movie poster, trailer, summary, and movie photos on our social networks.
- The maximum length allowed is 20 minutes. Format: mp4

Overall Rating
  • SIMIONIUC Adrian

    Very happy to be a part of this festival

    January 2023
  • Laurent Paillot

    Very nice festival, very good communication and we are very happy to have been able to participate !

    September 2022
  • Iacob Ciprian

    Great festival! Thank you very much for the selection!

    September 2022
  • Mateusz Zebrowski

    I couldn't attend, but I'm happy with my film being shown there and the communication with festival was good.

    September 2022
  • I am very happy that my film was present in the first period of the festival and received attention

    September 2022