Film and cultural festival about polical issues, human rights and activism.

We are looking for films related to post democracy, politics, media, journalism, migrations, social movements, youth movements, human rights, inspiring stories of who wants to change our society, politics and economy.

In 2024 Festival Política will take place in Lisbon, Braga, Coimbra and Loulé.

See programme here: The programme includes films, debates, workshops, art and activities for children. All activities / viewing are free of charge.

More info:

- Jury's Award
- Youth Award (until 30 years old)
- Audience Award

Past winners:
"Novíssimas cartas portuguesas" e "O aparente caos da diversidade" (2023)

"O Teu Nome É" e "Alcindo" (2022)

“Chelas Nha Kau” (2021)

"Todos Nós Moramos na Rua" (2020)

Documentary or fiction.

All views are free of charge. We privilege stories told in the first person.

Non-English language works must have English subtitles at the time submitted
The screening copy must be sent to the festival by its rights holder (at his charge) 60 days before festival opens. The Festival will take charge of its return.

The festival does not pay any screening fee for films selected by submission. All views are free of charge.

Screening formats preferred: DCP / Accepted: 35mm, DCP, Beta Sp, Digibeta, DVCam, MiniDV, Blu-ray and File (h264.mp4).

Screening copies of films in any other language than English, Portuguese or Spanish must be subtitled in English.

Film holder or distributor must be able to send promotional images, trailer and promotional text to be integrated into Festival promotional material.

Overall Rating
  • Irina Pampim

    Um festival muito pertinente que reúne iniciativas além do cinema em torno de questões presentes onde o nosso projeto se enquadrou e viveu entre iguais. Muito obrigada por nos aceitarem!

    July 2023
  • Asher Anantham

    Thank you for choosing "Venus Ascending"!

    May 2023
  • Miguel Leonardo

    Adorei a experiência. Obrigado equipa e a todo o festival pelo acolhimento.

    May 2023
  • Great festival, very well organized! The crew is very communicative and very kind. Thank you so much for the opportunity!
    Beijo no coração de tods. With love. : )

    May 2022
  • Bianca Sescu

    Great festival in Portugal ! The selection and the organisation are on top, as well as the quality and the communication. Very happy to be part of. Thank you !

    July 2021