FESTIVAL ECRÃ is an Experimental Art and Cinema event that, through experiences that question the notion and production of the moving image, seeks to stimulate audiovisual culture. By showing Films, Games, Installations, Interactive Arts, Performances and Videoarts, ECRÃ encourages new formats for the production and exhibition of these works.

This project arose in 2016 from the desire to question the film industry and its “primordial elements” and to give space for filmmakers and artists to experiment freely in audiovisual production and thinking.

Over the years we have works from all parts of the world and presence of names like James Benning, Luis Grané, Ken Jacobs, Paula Gaitán, Julio Bressane, Luiz Rosemberg Filho, Seyeong Yoon, Gastón Solnicki, Geraldo Sarno, among others veterenas and new creators.

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O FESTIVAL ECRÃ é um evento de Arte e Cinema Experimental que, através de experiências que questionam a noção e a produção da imagem em movimento, busca estimular a cultura do audiovisual. Ao exibir Filmes, Games, Instalações, Artes Interativas, Performances e Videoartes, o ECRÃ incentiva novos formatos de produção e exibição dessas obras.

Este projeto surgiu em 2016 da vontade de questionar a indústria do cinema e seus “elementos primordiais” e de dar espaço para os filmógrafos e artistas experimentarem de forma livre na produção e no pensamento audiovisual.

Ao longo dos anos tivemos trabalhos de todas as partes do mundo e a presença de nomes como James Benning, Luis Grané, Ken Jacobs, Paula Gaitán, Julio Bressane, Luiz Rosemberg Filho, Seyeong Yoon, Gastón Solnicki, Geraldo Sarno, entre outros veterenos e jovens realizadores.

8° Festival ECRÃ - 2024


Overall Rating
  • Brit Bunkley

    Please read the 41-page Rules and Terms downloadable PDF file that one can acquire by copying and pasting a link on this page. I was initially disappointed that my selected video was online only. But I was later told that we were informed that all art videos “will be displayed in the Online Step” on page 29 of this PDF. Although I don’t generally read 41 pages of Rules and Terms PDFs, this is important information.

    March 2024
    Response from festival:

    Hi Brit,
    We would like to thank you for your feedback, it’s always important for us to understand how well our information is coming across.

    However we remind you that the information about the online vs in person parts of the Festival and all the categories was in the Rules and Terms of the event, that was available to read before you submitted your work, and we always recommend that all applicants to read it. After our comunication via e-mail about not wanting your work online we replied to you with all the information and places where this option was shown, and we even added more places after that.

    We are sorry that you had a bad experience with us, we tried to make everything as clear as possible. We will keep an eye on our notice to avoid any misunderstandings.

    Best regards,

  • Saudáveis Subversivos

    We were welcomed by the festival. It was an honor to be part of this incredible program. Thanks Festival Ecrã!!!

    July 2023
  • Juliana Yurk

    Muito bom fazer parte deste Festival! Eu e toda equipe do filme ficamos muito felizes em participar.

    July 2023
  • Happy to have been part of such an amazing festival with such a wide sight on genres and topics. Very grateful

    July 2023
    Response from festival:


  • Great festival, well curated and held at Rio's MAM's cinamateca, what makes the festival even more special.

    March 2023