FCZ promotes a radical idea of "zero cinema" in the production of personal and hyper-independent works, made by single artists or small groups (less than 10 people), with common and easily accessible, or innovative and low cost, means of production. We look for an artisanal and experimental approach and the most different attitudes, adventurous or poetic, DIY or punk, anarchic or self-sufficient, to the video work. We look for authors displaying an individual and autonomous research in their idea of cinema and on language, on themes, on structure, on direction and/or on the realization of their work.
FCZ competition is dedicated to works that identify with this idea and have a maximum duration of 20 minutes.

Winners will receive a voucher for an online filmmaking store.

FCZ Main Competition

- Jury Award (value of 1.000 €).
- "Adcom.it" Audience Award (value of 500 €).

“Plan(et) A and/or Plan(et) B” MUSE award (dedicated to works that interrogate the environmental problems and prospects of our planet in an original and effective way).
- Jury Award (value of 500 €).

Rules & Terms (brief version): please read the full version on our website before submitting your work.

- Max. 20 minutes works realised with the “cinema zero” approach described in the introduction.
- Submission deadline is 11.06.2022.
- The submission fee is 5 € in September and 10 € from October 1st until the deadline. We don't provide refunds for festival entries.
- In case of selection for any of the different sections fo the FCZ, the submission fee paid by the submitter will be refunded.
- FCZ features different sections: the FCZ Main Competition, the “Planet A and/or Planet B” MUSE award, and the Animation Shorts section. There is only one submission category: any work submitted to FCZ will be considered for all its sections and by submitting to FCZ, the submitter accepts to be placed in any of them.
- FCZ prizes are vouchers for online filmmaking shops. The FCZ Main Competition assigns a 1.000 € voucher jury award and a 500 € voucher audience award; the “Planet A and/or Planet B” MUSE award assigns a 500 € voucher jury award.
- FCZ will assign its prizes only to those who are indicated as “authors” in the submission.
- Works in any language other than Italian must be subtitled in Italian or English.
- Submitting their works, participants agree to have them screened in FCZ2022, both in competition or out of competition, and in any other event connected with FCZ, free of any charge for the organizer.
- Participants are the only responsible for the use of music, original or non-original, in their works.
- Participants are invited to submit works realised not before 2020.
- Before submitting their works, authors must read carefully the full version of FCZ rules and terms (https://www.festivalcinemazero.it/fcz-competition-call/). By submitting them, they agree all rules and terms there listed.

Overall Rating
  • Kris Fleerackers

    A wonderful, much needed festival for those of us who try to make films independently and with little or no budget. I was delighted and honoured that IDOL won an Audience Award: I couldn't wish for better recognition! Communication with the festival organizers was warm and effective. Many thanks!

    December 2022
  • Gemma Rigg

    What a pleasure to be a part of this festival.

    January 2022
  • Gon Busquets

    It was amazing to have my doc short film in Festival CinemaZERO! Forever thankful for taking it from Argentina to Italy

    November 2021