Norway's brand new feminist film festival!

We are thrilled to invite you to the second edition of Femfilm Oslo, a dedicated feminist film festival held in the Norwegian capital. Our first festival took place in 2022, with films of all genres from around the world, sold-out panel debates, live podcast event, a feminist market day, five thematically curated short film programs, and special guests from Norway and abroad.

We are looking forward to seeing your film and considering it for our 2024 program!

2023 will see a series of smaller-scale, special events under the Femfilm Oslo umbrella, but 2024 is the next full-scale festival across several days.

About 90% of the films we will screen will have women directors/producers, however this is NOT the ONLY criterion on which we select films:

We are open for submissions from those who do not identify as women as long as the film is thematically suitable – that is to say, that it thematically deals with issues that concern (intersectional) feminism and gender equality. We will consider the gender balance within the film crew.

Films directed/produced by women must ALSO deal with themes that are relevant in a broad feminist context.

The production year of the film can be no earlier than 2021.

Our programmes are Nordic (feature-length, any genre etc), International (from any non-Nordic country, feature-length, any genre etc), and Shorts (from anywhere in the world, maximum running time 30 minutes).

English subtitles are required for any film that is not in Norwegian.

Any questions? Feel free to drop us a line at hallo (at)!

Overall Rating
  • Eili Bråstad

    A great new festival in Oslo, Norway. All the films I saw was really interesting and the short film programs was incredibly well curated. I'm definitely going back next year!

    July 2022