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Our Judges will award:
-Best Feature Film
-Best Narrative Short
-Best Horror Short
-Best Comedy Short
-Best Sci-fi Short
-Best Animated Short
-Best Documentary Short
-Best Experimental
-Best Male-Actor
-Best Female-Actor
-Best Director
-Best Cinematography
-Best Concept
-Best Student Film
-Best Sound Design
-Best Original Score
-Best Special Effects
-Best Practical Effects
-Best Editing
-Dance Cinema Award

**All awarded films will receive laurels, and be displayed on our website, but only with the filmmakers permission. All officially selected films can receive laurels from our website at their convenience**

1. SUBTITLES- All non-english films are welcome. Even without subtitles. If you can give the film embedded english subtitles that would be great, however we want to see your film regardless. Some of our awards are based on cinematography and acting alone.

2. LENGTH- Short films should be 20 minutes or under, and feature films should be over 45 minutes.

3.COMPLETION TIME- All films must have been completed after January 1, 2017

4. SUBMISSION FORMAT- Submissions will take place only through FilmFreeway, and if you are a winner we will ask you for a link to an uploaded copy of your film on either or for our website.

5. CONTENT- This is art. Violence, sex, and language are no obstacle, however if your content is CLEARLY PORNOGRAPHIC IT WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

6. FEES- All submission fees are non-refundable

7. PREVIOUS SCREENINGS- Your film is allowed to be public on youtube or vimeo, and previous screenings and awards are no problem.

8. COPYRIGHT- We are not responsible for your content if you do not have permission to use it. Please make sure all content is yours, all music is original, or you have permission from the artist to use it.

9. RE-SUBMISSION- If you submit and are not selected or do not win, you may re-submit the next month, and be reconsidered relative to the new batch of films.

10. CATEGORIES- If FROSTBITE decides your film fits better in a category other than the one you entered, we reserve the right to move your film into this category where it will still be considered for an award.

11. SCREENSHOTS- FROSTBITE can use screenshots from your film on our FilmFreeway page and websites.

Overall Rating
  • Jacob Jordan

    We were honored to have The Feast selected in Frostbite. Thank you!

    December 2021
  • I am very happy and honored to have been selected for screening in your festival.

    September 2021
  • Honored to be awarded in this wonderful festival! We will come back with the next works. Thank you all!

    September 2021
  • Dave Heron

    Thank you so much for selecting my short film Humans of the Future to be a Finalist at the FROSTBITE International Indie Festival. Truly honoured and humbled. Stay safe and well and hope to see you soon.

    September 2021
  • Although FROSTBITE International Indie Fest has not yet concluded its July 2021 Award Month, I wanted to share my personal review because regardless of taking home a win or not, it wouldn't change my opinion. And my opinion is as such: this has not only been an absolutely fantastic experience, but to me, FROSTBITE honors the passion, the love, the creativity and the craft that is the legacy of cinema, along with the filmmakers (no matter new or known) whom bring it to life. It has been a profound honor to have been a small part of such a grand festival. So thank you -- hand to heart -- for the kindness and professionalism shown. It will remain a cherished experience. Respectfully so.

    August 2021