Why FIDUCIA FESTIVAL? Today’s focus must be more and more about respect for environment and solutions to deal with a lethal polluting drift for our planet. FIDUCIA means trust, trust means Festival Internazionale del Documentario Urbano e del Cinema Ambinetalista.

From 10th April untill18th July 2023, we collect movies and documentaries longer than 30 minutes, to show differences between pre-Covid productions and post-pandemic projects. We accept works dating back no more than 5 years ago (January 1st, 2018).

If you have a movie respecting these characteristics, send an email to info@fiduciafestival.it with a Youtube or Vimeo link to show it to us. If you have difficulties, write to the same address or call (+39) 338 7307304, we will give you all necessary information.

- F.I.D.U.CI.A. Award for best movie - 500,00 €
- Special Jury Award - 300,00 €

A Popular Jury, chosen from the audience during the screenings, will award the "Audience Award".


We accept projects which respect what follows:
- completed before 18th July and after 1st January 2018;
- longer than 30 minutes;

Movies or documentaries may have already distributed on Internet or in previous cinematographic events, except in previous editions of this Festival.
The selection takes place under the unquestionable judgment of the Festival Management, respecting the expiry application date.
If selected for screening within the Festival, the candidate(s) will be contacted via email by the Festival's organization.
Each participant can apply for one or more projects, with separate registration forms and relative participation fees.