A home for mind-breakers, trend-setters, razor-walkers, loose-wires, truth-talkers, trailblazers and envelope-pushers, Fantastic Film Festival Australia comes to Lido Cinemas (VIC) and Ritz Cinemas (NSW) from April 16.

Offering a distinct perspective on genre and alternative cinema, FFFA is a journey beyond any known map of convention. It’s a celebration of those on the cutting edge of local and international storytelling: craftspeople and collaborators with unique voices, and unrestrained imagination.

If you have a questioning eye, creative flair and a bold cinematic sensibility, we want to hear from you!

• Secure online screeners are the only method of submission.
• FFFA requires VIC and NSW premieres for all shorts and feature submissions. If the film is already available online and you would like special consideration, reach out to festival management.
• Works-in-progress are considered only if the completed film is to be completed by Jan 1 2023
• Films do not have to be subtitled or dubbed if not essential to the comprehension of film.
• If selected, your exhibition copy is required by December 1st, 2022. (Exhibition requirements will be sent with acceptance letters.)
• All shipping and handling costs to and from the festival office will be covered by the entrant.
• It's the participant's responsibility to make sure the rights to their films are cleared for the festival. The festival will not be held liable for any issues or lawsuits regarding any films that are entered into the festival.
• Fees will not be reimbursed if not selected for the festival.
• The festival will take due care of all entrants / participants materials but the festival will not be responsible for any loss and / or damage to materials while they are in possession of the festival.
• By entering this festival, you agree to have a 1-30 second excerpt of your film used for festival promotional purposes only (including web, cinema, TV, DVD) - unless you advise otherwise.
• Fantastic Film Festival Australia reserves the right to use any stills from selected films for promotional purposes related to the festival.