Submit your Animation Short Film and get it showcased at the FEEDBACK Film Festival. 6 film festival dates a year in Los Angeles and Toronto. Screenplay Readings every SINGLE month.

All festival dates have been relegated to private screenings with the same Audience FEEDBACK videos made for the short & feature films, and recorded script readings performed by professional actors for the screenplays. This is our way of showing community over distance so everyone around the world can experience our Audience Feedback videos.

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Festival geared to showcase the best of new animation films and screenplays from around the world.

Hear what the audience has to say about your work. All positive and used to promote your art to enhance your career.

NEW Showcase: Submit your FEATURE FILM and receive an audience feedback promotional/testimonial video of your film. Great video to use to get into more festivals and/or promote your film.

All submissions receive feedback on their film no matter what. If your film is not-accepted, we will send you the committee's feedback notes.

Accepted works get their film showcased at the popular FEEDBACK Film Festival. Animation films are becoming to profound, we decided to showcase 2 festivals from 2 different countries at our festival.

Get your animation screenplay performed by professional actors at the festival.

Overall Rating

    Incredible out reach to fliim makers. Thank you!
    It was an honor for Forest Under Stress our short-mixed media documentary to be selected by FEEDBACK ANIMATION FILM & SCREENPLAY FESTIVAL. The short movie was entirely created by a mother daughter duo to bring awareness to the declining health of our forest in the state of Oregon. By selecting Forest Under Stress this continues to help people understand the forest is more than just trees. Thank you, Rachel Lee Hall-- Producer.

    April 2023
  • Michael Lai

    It was our first experience with FEEDBACK Animation Film & Screenplay Festival and it met all of our expectations and more. Would love to come back and do it all again next year!

    October 2022
  • Sergio SPAGNOL

    this is an incredible festival. I was very happy to participate mainly because of the feedback I got from my film, it was really worth having participated. thanks

    August 2022
  • Heloise Magny

    Nice festival, helpful comments. Thanks for the selection and the feedback !

    August 2022
  • Martin Gerigk

    Great concept, definitely a great festival!

    July 2022