The fifth edition of Experimental Film Festival Process will take place from 17 till 21 May, 2023 in Riga, Latvia.

Organized by the artist-run filmlab Baltic Analog Lab, the festival is dedicated to the diverse analogue cinema practices employed by adventurous audiovisual artists from around the world. The programme comprises film screenings, live performances, talks, discussions, parties, as well as a two day expanded cinema workshop on May 13 – 14.

This year the theme of the festival is “Noise Spectrum”, thinking about the different shapes of noise as an audial, visual, mental and social phenomenon – a sign that can indicate brutal chaos but also a fearless disruption of an existing violent situation.

In the framework of SPECTRAL* project, this year's festival focus will be on expanded cinematic art practice showcasing expanded cinema works in three curated programmes as well as at the opening ceremony of the festival.

Along with focus programmes and events, the festival has three non-competitive film programmes for which everyone working with analogue film in any kind of unconventional way is welcome to submit their work. We will be prioritizing films in their original formats - 16mm or Super 8mm analogue prints, if available. Apart from films, submissions of expanded cinema performances and installations are welcome as well.

*SPECTRAL (Spatial, Performative & Expanded Cinematic Transnational Research at Artist-run Labs) is a joint project initiated by six such labs focusing on a variety of kinds of work with photo-chemical moving images. SPECTRAL has been conceived to support the creation and dissemination of Expanded Cinematic Art (E.C.A.) and to encourage international collaborations to ensure that this kind of artistic practice can thrive in the future.

The programmes are non-competitive.

We welcome submission of:

- experimental films where the use of analogue (photochemical) film has been a substantial part of the image-making process;

- time-based performative cinema works expanding the usage of projection, space, screen and sound;

- works exploring the possibilities of film as a kinetic or static installation piece.

Submission requirements:

- Filled and submitted entry form on festival's FilmFreeway platform;
- Submission fee 5 EUR as a donation to our non-profit organisation;
- Films should be subtitled in English (if language of the film is not English).

Screening formats:

The accepted projection formats are Super 8mm, 16mm and digital (except DCP) with preference given to the films with available analogue print.

Film shipping

All screening copies of selected films must arrive to the festival no later than the 10th of May via post, courier or file transfer.

Return of films

Films will be returned to the owners right after the festival.