Etheria is the world's most respected competition showcase of new sci-fi, fantasy, action, thriller and horror films directed by women. Our audience includes producers, managers, show runners, distributors, and genre fans. Our festival’s goal is to highlight women directors making fantastic genre films and to connect these filmmakers to industry professionals.

For 2023 The Etheria Competition Lineup will air on SHUDDER TV ( for 30 days in JUNE 2023. SHUDDER has over 1 Million+ subscribers and is the largest horror streaming service in the world. There will also be live, in-person events.

ALL FILMS submitted to Etheria Film Night on FilmFreeway will be immediately considered for:

- The MAIN June lineup launching in Hollywood, California of the best new short genre films directed by women

- THE WORLD TOUR - an ongoing travelling showcase that takes selected films around the world for festivals, university screenings, conventions, and private events

Jury Award - prizes, cool stuff, shiny award
Audience Award - prizes, cool stuff, audience award


Your film MUST be directed by a woman. We embrace the queer and LGBT communities. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please do not hesitate to ask the director of programming:


Etheria Film Night only screens science fiction, horror, action, thriller, fantasy, speculative fiction, adventure, dark drama, grindhouse, crime, western, satire, dystopian, apocalyptic, mystery, noir, dark comedy, heist, disaster films, and any combination thereof.


Etheria Film Night plays a lineup of roughly 6-12 short films and one feature-length film. A short film should be between one minute and 20 minutes in length. We are no longer accepting feature film submissions. Feature films are invite-only. Please contact for more information. Feature films may not be submitted through the form on the website or through the submission services.


1. It doesn’t matter if your short film has screened anywhere else first; this is a showcase of the very best new films regardless of previous screenings. Think of us as a “best of” short film event.

FEATURE FILMS are invite-only and are no longer accepted via submissions. If you have any questions, email


1. Have your acceptance materials READY to send in. If accepted you will need to deliver materials with a very tight deadline, otherwise your film may get cut from the lineup. It’s your responsibility to provide materials so we may effectively screen your film.

2. You must be the copyright owner of the film.


Filmmakers will be notified regarding their acceptance status in April, 2022. Your film materials will be due immediately upon acceptance. These materials are due immediately, otherwise your film may not be screened (please, do not zip digital files).

1. Three high resolution digital photos of the director. Photos need to be 300 DPI and over 800 pixels. Aim for production stills that capture filmmaker directing/producing on set.

2. Five high resolution digital images from the submitted entry. This can be screenshots, posters, and production stills. Photos need to be 300 DPI and over 800 pixels.

3. These are the film file requirements:

Quicktime File (MP4 or MOV)
23.976 fps
Codec: H.264
Bitrate: 40 Mbps
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (add letterboxing/pillarboxing if necessary)
Resolution: 1920 x 1080p
AAC Audio at 16-bit or 24-bit, at least 48kHz

Overall Rating
  • Deanna Milligan

    THIS! This festival and it's amazing team really care about female voices in the genre world. They made this festival so special for everyone that participated and I can not recommend it enough! Wonderful people! Wonderful festival!

    March 2023
  • FREYA Films Inc.

    Our film was selected for the festival in 2022 and our whole team decided to travel down from Vancouver Canada to attend. The festival staff was extremely welcoming and went above and beyond to create a memorable experience for all the filmmakers. There was a private filmmaker dinner the night before the screening, and a filmmaker brunch the following day. The screening was well attended and professionally run. All the staff were so friendly and welcoming and you got a sense that Etheria really is a festival that tries to cultivate a community. We would recommend this festival and will submit again!

    August 2022
  • Mel Piper

    Thank you for shortlisting Shadow Players as a finalist :)

    June 2022
  • Zivar Hojati

    I'm glad I was at your festival. This Festival is very good😊

    June 2022
  • Myra Aquino

    It was amazing to be a part of the Etheria Film Festival. Heidi, Stacy, and the rest of the team are so passionate about promoting women's voices in horror/scifi/fantasy and other genre films, and they did their best to promote and give the films as much exposure as they could. Highly recommend!

    July 2021