The East Van Showcase has grown each year. What began as the local East Vancouver community coming together to share their works has evolved into a weekend mixed media extravaganza complete with red carpet, host and memorable awards ceremonies.

The most important thing to us though, is finding these hidden gem films. Finding these up and coming directors who can have their moment and use the Showcase as a stepping stone to the world's top festivals.

And we will always be East Van.

The History of East Van Showcase awards-

2018 Best Local Short Film - Cypher (dir: Lawrence Le Lam)
2018 Best Acting Performance - Jamie Tay (Baleful)
2018 Best Cinematography - Kevin Rigney (Day 34)
2018 Best International Short Film - Count Your Curses (Belgium - Lorene Yavo)

2018 (student) Best Local Short Film - The Contender (dir: Isaiah Berra)
2018 (student) Best Acting Performance - Raresh Dimofte (Polymorphia)
2018 (student) Best Cinematography - Ritvick Mehra (The Flower Movie)

2017 Best Local Short Film - I Love You So Much It's Killing Them (dir: Joel McCarthy)
2017 Best Acting Performance - Mayumi Yoshida (Akashi)
2017 Best Cinematography - Luke Bramley (Bestia)
2017 Best International Short Film - Journey (Australia - Radheya Jegatheva)

2016 Best Local Short Film - Vehicular Romanticide (dir: Andrew Rowe)
2016 Best Acting Performance - Lauren Donnelly (Vehicular Romanticide)
2016 Best Cinematography - Liam Mitchell (Vehicular Romanticide)
2016 Best International Short Film - Singularity (Germany - Roman de Guili)

2015(b) Best Local Short Film - One Last Ride (dir: Caitlin Byrnes)
2015(b) Best Acting Performance - Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers (Not Indian Enough)
2015(b) Best Cinematography - Graham & Nelson Talbot (Dude Where's My Ferret?)
2015(b) Best International Short Film - No Woman (Afghanistan - Yama Rauf)

2015(a) Best Local Short Film - Anxious Oswald Green (dir: Marshall Axani)
2015(a) Best Acting Performance - Megan Charpentier (Rattlesnake)
2015(a) Best Cinematography - Stirling Bancroft (Rattlesnake)
2015(a) Best International Short Film - Foxed (Toronto - Nev Bezaire, James Stewart, Kennedy Zielke)

Film submitted must be a short film (experimental films and music videos are permitted).

We encourage the films submitted to be less than 20 minutes in length, however it is not a hard rule.

Film must have english subtitles if not in english. (exceptions can be made for films with very little dialogue)

Discount offered for student films

Overall Rating
  • a growing local festival with a great people & projects

    May 2019
  • Cynthia Bergen

    This is my second film House For Sale that has participated in your festival. All around very cool festival all stars. Keep up the good work supporting Indie Filmmakers. Cynthia Bergen #nosleepfilms

    June 2018
  • Isaiah Berra

    The East Van Showcase is a welcoming door into the Vancouver Independent film scene. Several talented artists and storytellers from around the area (and beyond) screen their films at different local venues, including the iconic Rio Theatre. A networking opportunity is offered in the form of an after-party—bring your business cards because you will meet people! I highly recommend the East Van Showcase to professional and emerging filmmakers, as well as the everyday moviegoer looking for a unique and quality viewing experience.

    Special thanks to James Kingstone and Sean Ronan of Hammer & Tong for hosting the festival.

    May 2018
  • All around it’s a wonderful festival! Very well organized with a great feeling of community and support. It’s also a terrific opportunity for meeting other BC filmmakers. Highly recommend!

    May 2018
  • Marcello Di Trocchio

    Unfortunately I couldn't be there, I live in Rome. The staff was really kind and looked personally interested in our work. The communication with them was great, personal and passionate.

    Being selected in the international competition and being screened in the beautiful Rio Theatre of Vancouver was simply an honour and a joy.

    Thank you again and best wishes for your festival!

    June 2017