The Will Rogers Motion Picture Festival will celebrate motion pictures from a number of different genres and age groups and will be held in the historic town of Claremore, Oklahoma on Route 66.

Claremore was the hometown of Will Rogers, who was the #1 movie star in America in 1934, and home to the Will Rogers Memorial Museum. Claremore was also home to Lynn Riggs, who wrote the play that eventually became the movie, OKLAHOMA!

The Festival is family friendly and it will be several days of movies, chats, networking and activities throughout the community.

Motion Pictures to be shown at the Festival...

Top 10 American Indian/First Nation/Indigenous Short
Top 3 American Indian/First Nation/Indigenous Feature
Top 10 Made in Oklahoma Short
Top 3 Made in Oklahoma Feature
Top 10 Documentary, Narrative and Comedy Shorts
Top 3 Documentary, Narrative and Comedy Features
Top 10 in each age group for Children's Short
Top 10 College Student Short

Announcement of finalists will be September 28th, the Anniversary of Will's 1st movie.

Awards will be given to the following...

Best Documentary Short
Best Documentary Feature
Best Narrative Short
Best Documentary Feature
Best Comedy Short
Best Comedy Feature
Best Made In Oklahoma Short
Best Made in Oklahoma Feature
Best American Indian/First Nation/Indigenous Short
Best American Indian/First Nation/Indigenous Feature
Best Children's Short 15-18 years old
Best Children's Short 14 and under
Best College Student Short
People's Choice

Winners will be announced on Saturday, November 7th at The Dog Irons Awards Ceremony.

Each winner will receive a Prestigious Dog-Iron Award (Will Rogers Brand)​

Each FILM SELECTED FOR THE FESTIVAL will also receive the opportunity to air their Motion Picture on RSUTV, a regional public television station at Rogers State University. Permission must be granted by the SUBMITTER for the film to be shown on RSUTV. RSUTV will review each permitted submission to determine eligibility on public television.

Documentaries, Narratives, Made in Oklahoma and Comedy, both short and feature length.

Shorts are under 30 minutes and Features are over 30 minutes.

College Students Shorts under 30 minutes. Must be a registered student at Submission.

There will be two categories for children's shorts. Ages 15-18 and 14 and under. Submissions must be under 30 minutes. Age category figured at the date of Submission.

All submissions must be G - PG13 to be qualified. WRMPF reserves the right to determine qualification of any submission.

Films must be submitted by digital file (.mp4, .mov). Finalists may submit any promotional materials, posters, flyers, etc and items will be distributed around town, used in promos and will not be returned.

Films in language other than English must include English subtitles.

To qualify as an "Oklahoma film", at least 50% of the film must be shot on a set or location within Oklahoma.

Feedback: We are unable to give feedback on your submitted project. ​

All submissions must have been completed no earlier than January 1, 2018 to qualify. Previously submitted films to the Festival are ineligible.

Multiple category submissions are allowed, but fee must be paid for each category submission. Please submit the film separately for each category submitted.

All entry Fees are non-refundable. Fees cover registration, notification that your entry has been received and notification of results. These fees must be paid during the entry process.

By entering the WILL ROGERS MOTION PICTURE FESTIVAL (WRMPF) competition, all entrants agree to hold harmless the WILL ROGERS MOTION PICTURE FESTIVAL, Will Rogers Memorial Foundation, owners, employees, associated Boards of Directors, Officers, Staff and Volunteers from all losses, damages, rights, claims, and actions of any kind arising in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from participation with the festival.

The submitter acknowledges that WRMPF is under no obligation to use the Material in any manner and further represents and warrants that the Material is original, that the submitter has the right and authority to submit the Material to WRMPF on the foregoing terms and conditions, each and all of which shall be binding on the submitter, his/her agents, heirs, successors, licensees and assigns.

SUBMITTER, IF YOUR FILM(S) IS SELECTED, YOU'LL RECEIVE TWO (2) FREE ALL ACCESS PASSES, which includes most activities during the Festival including the Kickoff Party, film blocks, Red Carpet Gala and the Dog Irons Awards Ceremony. All Selected Films will be in the consideration for winning their category, which will be announced at The Dog Irons.

Overall Rating
  • Ryan Brandt

    I was able to attend the first two days of the festival and loved the atmosphere, the locations (one of them being on the property where Will Rogers was born) and the staff.

    Not sure I'll have anything available to submit for their second year, but I would highly recommend it to anyone who are looking for a smaller, more intimate venue to showcase a film.

    March 2020
  • Unfortunately we weren't able to attend, but it looked like a fantastic event, and the our film's team was so grateful to be included. Communication was incredible, and the lineup of films superb. Thank you for a great event!

    November 2019
  • Unfortunately we were unable to attend the festival in-person, but the communication with the organizers was clear and timely. We also appreciated the live stream of the awards ceremony to see the response SGT. STUBBY received to the attending crowd!

    November 2019
  • Mike Mergler

    Thanks to Tad and his staff. Our comedy "Notzilla" won Best Comedy and we are ecstatic! The trophy is some serious iron. I think I'll keep it in my car so I can defend myself against carjackers! We'll be back next year with another comedy. Love it! Mike Mergler - Exec. Prod.

    November 2019
  • Radheya Jegatheva

    Absolutely awesome festival! I felt I was there even though I was on the other side of the world!

    November 2019