The "Divergent" film festival, organized by The Solution Collective, is an independent film festival held in Orlando, Florida. The festival's main focus is on showcasing films by neurodivergent and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) filmmakers. Through this platform, the festival aims to highlight the unique perspectives and contributions of neurodivergent and BIPOC communities in the film industry, providing an inclusive space for their voices to be heard and celebrated.

The "Divergent" film festival, organized by The Solution Collective, will be held at the Enzian theater located at 1300 South Orlando Avenue, Maitland, FL 32751. The Enzian theater, known for its commitment to promoting independent cinema, will serve as the main venue for the festival, hosting film screenings and other public participation opportunities. The festival will offer a showcase of films by neurodivergent and BIPOC filmmakers, and the showcase will be free to attend with measurable RSVPs to track attendance.

Jury Prizes and Awards in Short Filmmaking
The following prizes and awards are bestowed on short films in the Festival that exemplify outstanding vision and creativity in their respective categories:

Short Film Grand Jury Prize
Short Film Jury Award: U.S. Fiction
Short Film Jury Award: International Fiction
Short Film Jury Award: Nonfiction
Short Film Jury Award: Animation
Short Film Special Jury Awards

1. Eligibility:
a. Submissions are open to filmmakers of all levels of experience.
b. Films must have a maximum runtime of 40 minutes, including credits.
c. Films must have been completed after 2021.
d. Submissions must be in English or have English subtitles.

2. Submission Categories:
a. Narrative Short: Fictional stories with a clear plot and characters.
b. Documentary Short: Non-fictional works that explore real-life subjects.
c. Animation: Films created through various animation techniques.
d. Experimental: Innovative and artistic films that push boundaries.

3. Submission Process:
a. All submissions must be made through FilmFreeway.
b. Each filmmaker can submit a maximum of 2 films.
c. Provide a downloadable link to the film or upload the film directly.
d. Include a film synopsis and a brief filmmaker bio.

4. Technical Specifications:
a. Films must be submitted in a reasonable resolution.
b. Audio must be clear and of high quality.
c. Submissions for Animation or Experimental categories must provide relevant technical details.

5. Copyright and Permissions:
a. Filmmakers must have obtained all necessary rights for any copyrighted material used.
b. By submitting, filmmakers grant the festival the right to screen the film during the event.
c. The festival is not responsible for any legal issues arising from unauthorized use of copyrighted material.

6. Selection and Notification:
a. Submissions will be reviewed by The Solution Collective LLC.
b. Filmmakers will be notified of the selection status via email by January 20th 2023.
c. Selected filmmakers may be asked to provide additional materials (e.g., posters, promotional videos).

7. Accepted Films:
a. Selected films will be screened during the festival.
b. Filmmakers may be invited for a Q&A session after their screening.
c. Winning films will be announced and awarded in each category.

8. Entry Fees:
a. Entry fee is $10 for each submission.

9. Disqualification:
a. Films not pertaining to Neurodivergence or made by Neurodivergent Filmmakers will be disqualified.
b. Incomplete submissions or failure to meet eligibility criteria will result in disqualification.

By submitting a film to the Divergent Film Festival, filmmakers acknowledge their acceptance of these rules and regulations. The festival organizers reserve the right to make any necessary changes to these rules and to make final decisions on all matters not covered herein.