Our mission is to raise awareness of the triumphs within inclusive education. We believe there are issues related to social justice & lack of educational opportunity for students served in special education. We want to explore creative pedagogy that serves students within inclusive classroom environments using film as a launchpad for discussion, advocacy and change in special education.

Western Colorado University's Communication Arts/Film and Education Departments are proud to bring you this event.

The DisAbility Film Festival will be a two-day event, Saturday evening will include a film screening and keynote with a filmmaker along with a reception. Following Saturday's reception, we will have one 2 hour block of screenings of winning films. On Sunday, we will have 3 2-hour blocks of screenings throughout the day.

We are interested in offering travel to the beautiful Gunnison Valley as a reward for select filmmakers to visit Western Colorado University to participate in our film festival activities. Wish us luck!

The subject matter of your film MUST be related to a person or persons with a disability and/or a person or persons that are involved with EDUCATING, ADVOCATING, or serving a person or persons with a disability. We are seeking films with awesome stories related to special education (inclusive education.)