Our mission is to raise awareness of the triumphs within inclusive education. We believe there are issues related to social justice & lack of educational opportunity for students served in special education. We want to explore creative pedagogy that serves students within inclusive classroom environments using film as a launchpad for discussion, advocacy and change in special education.

Western Colorado University's Communication Arts/Film and Education Departments are proud to bring you this event.

The DisAbility Film Festival will have one face-to-face screening outside on the Western Colorado University campus on June 12th, Saturday evening will include a film screening and keynote with a filmmaker along with a reception. Following Saturday's film festival launch, we will host a 2 week online virtual film festival.

We are interested in offering travel to the beautiful Gunnison Valley as a reward for select filmmakers to visit Western Colorado University to participate in our film festival activities. Wish us luck!

The subject matter of your film MUST be related to a person or persons with a disability and/or a person or persons that are involved with EDUCATING, ADVOCATING, or serving a person or persons with a disability. We are seeking films with awesome stories related to special education (inclusive education.)

Overall Rating
  • Fueye Films

    Very good all, thank you very much.

    July 2021
  • The festival embraced our documentary "Talk with Us" with utmost admiration and the selection of films was very rich and varied. The fact they included high-quality films directed by people with disabilities made for an authentic festival. Besides the online festival, our film was also shown in the Western Colorado University and the Museum of Art of Aspen, which was a great bonus!

    July 2021
  • Fajrian Fajrian

    Really appreciate for festival organiser . They keep doing this festival on line. Keep the good work

    June 2020
  • A wonderful festival. I was so proud to participate in it and the organisation and organisers of the event were second to none. Thank you

    June 2020
  • Kylie Walter

    This was fantastic experience (especially as a first-time filmmaker)! Even with the festival being online this year, I felt as though my work was valued by many. I am impressed with communication, creativity, thoughtfulness and inclusivity that went into this fest! Thank you Tara and Jack!

    June 2020