Descending Night Film Festival, a horror and sci-fi themed film event!

Selected films will be shown at a screening in Sweden. The festival will also live stream so everyone can participate.

This is a non-profit festival for independent filmmakers and all entries are free.

- Horror under 5 min
- Sci-fi under 5 min
- Horror under 30 min
- Sci-fi under 30 min

Super short horror winner (horror under 5 min)
Super short sci-fi winner (sci-fi under 5 min)
Short horror winner (horror under 30 min)
Short sci-fi winner (sci-fi under 30 min)

Winners will receive a winner laurel and certificate, there are no physical prizes.


- All non-english speaking films must have english subtitles.

- All films must be horror or sci-fi themed.

- Films with a previous premiere date at other festivals can still be submitted, that does not affect the festival selection.

Legal disclaimer and copyright:

- By submitting your film to the Descending Night Film Festival the filmmakers hereby grants the Descending Night Film Festival the right to use trailers, clips, posters and stills from the selected films for promotional purpose on social media, websites, youtube, posters etc.

- By submitting your film to the Descending Night Film Festival you grant us the right to screen your film in front of a live audience and stream it on the Descending Night Film Festivals youtube. After the festivals streaming is over all the films will be removed, they will not be kept online by the festival.

- Filmmakers must own all copyrights to their film.

- If selected the filmmakers must provide a digital copy of the film, if we don't receive a digital copy of the film in time the film will be withdrawn from the festival.

- Descending Night Film Festival does not pay screening fees.

- Descending Night Film Festival does not hand out any physical prizes, only digital laurels and certificates.

- The event date of the festival may change.

- Once your film has been selected for the festival, you can not withdraw your film.

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