Event dates: March-April, 2019.
Place: Volgograd, Russia.
Theme: Border.
Special Awards:
- Best Family film / Film for children
- Best Experimental / Videoart

The contest of short films is running in following categories: fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, videoart.

!!! Discounts and waivers for previous participants, e-mail us: vkratze.fest@gmail.com

The days of German and Russian short films “Vkratze!” have been held in Volgograd since 2013 in the perspective of cultural exchange, dialogue and cooperation between art communities of the two countries, popularization of present-day audio-visual culture in Volgogard Region. International competition within the festival is a review of independent short films from Russia and Germany as well as films from all over the world. This festival also operates as a forum for authors exploring the sphere of audio-visual art in short-film section.

1st, 2nd & 3d Places. Special Awards. Special Jury Award. Special Curator's Award.
Prizes: Brand cups.

- Film must correspond to the topic mentioned above (2019 - Border).
- Only works completed after January 1st, 2018 can participate in the contest.
- Film can’t be publicly distributed during the festival.
- The number of films presented by one author is limited to one film a category (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental / videoart).
- Films can be submitted in following formats: AVI, MPG, MP4. DVD-Video format films containing menu are not considered.
- Film must be provided with subtitles: German or English subtitles for films in Russan; Russian or English subtitles for films in any other language (or timecoded sentence-by-sentence translation). Films with multiple dialogue scenes without subtitles or translation can be declined at shortlisting.
- Film must not violate a copyright.
- Film must not contain elements of racism, nationalism, religious or any other form of intolerance, provoking violence, breach of law, insulting or abusing, can’s contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation or norms of International law.
- Selection medium: Internet.
- The final decision on a film’s participation in the contest is up to the arrangers.

Overall Rating