International Short Film Fest VKRATZE!

Entry Fee Waiver for filmmakers from CIS countries, except Russia, code: V2022CIS

2022 topic: Universal and Unique, General and Private.

Event dates: December, 2022.
Place: Volgograd, Russia.

3 competition programs in categories (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, videoart)
- Main intrenational competition,
- Russian open competition,
- Films for children competition.

Days of German and Russian short films “Vkratze!” have been held in Volgograd since 2013 in the perspective of cultural exchange, dialogue and cooperation between art communities of the two countries, popularization of present-day audio-visual culture in Volgogard Region. International competition within the festival is a review of independent short films from Russia and Germany as well as films from all over the world. This festival also operates as a forum for authors exploring the sphere of audio-visual art in short-film section.

Best film, best male role, best female role; best child role, best adult role.
Special Awards. Special Jury Award. Special Curator's Award.
Prizes: branded prizes.

- Film must correspond to the topic mentioned above.
- Films must be completed from September 1, 2021 to September 1, 2022.
- Timing – up to 25 minutes.
- Film can’t be publicly distributed during the festival. There are no requirements for the premiere.
- The number of films submitted by one author is no more than one film for each of the categories.
- Films can be submitted in following formats: MPEG, MP4. DVD-Video format films are not considered.
- Selection medium: Internet.
- Film must be provided with subtitles: Russian (for films in other languages) and English (for films in other languages) and/or a English translation with a timecode.
- Film must not violate a copyright.
- Film should not contain elements of racial, national, religious intransigence, calls for violence and violation of human rights and humiliation, obscene language, contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation, the norms of international law.
- The final decision on a film’s participation in the contest is up to the arrangers.

Overall Rating
  • Great festival!
    I had the honor of being part of this excellent festival, the production and the organization were excellent when the team (we fell in love with easily) took care of us 24/7.
    Thanks for the hospitality, the help in communicating with the audience and the whole charming experience!

    April 2019
  • mor hanay .

    Great festival!
    Thank you to all the amazing staff for their dedication and concern!
    We had a great time!

    April 2019
    Response from festival:

    Dear Mor, thank you so much! We've enjoied this time with all of you!

  • We were honored to be one of the 'official selections' in the Children/Family film category. It was a rare opportunity for an amateur, low-budget, movie to be screened in front of renowned jury members and interested kids half way across the world. The theme 'borders' was approached in a non-conventional manner, which was neat. Though we could not attend the festival, the FB posts provided regular updates and showed the high calibre of the festival. Would recommend it!

    April 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much!

  • So interesting and useful! Go on VKRATZE!

    July 2017