The DC Web and Digital Media Festival highlights the best of the web. The festival goes beyond web series to include various forms of digital media, such as Short Films, Screenwriting, and Game/App development. The MISSION of this festival is to Entertain, Educate, and Promote these new and innovative art forms.

At the DC Web Fest, we highlight the best of the indie spirit in digital content (series/games/VR/AR/apps/writing/shorts/trailers/music videos/etc...) We're a fun bunch, at the forefront of emerging art and technology, with a focus on policy and IP implications. I would love to chat about potential programming & partnering options for our international audiences.

At The DC Web Fest, we strongly believe in STEAM, along with STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, & Math.

Gold, Silver, Bronze, Special Jury & Local hero awards by Category. Multiple awards may be issued per category.

1. Create a free Filmmaker/Screenwriter/Artist account.
2. Create a project for your web series, short film, app, or screenplay.
3. Include an active link to your work of art.
NOTE: *due to volume, your total submission should be NO LONGER than 30 minutes,
or 10 minutes per episode. If your submission is longer than 30 minutes, we cannot guarantee a proper jury.*
Screenplays: *please submit a maximum of 20 pages.*
4. Submit your masterpiece!

Note for Game/App Developers: To submit your project use the Film/Video form, but ignore all boxes that don't apply (i.e. basically all of section 4).

Note for AR/VR Developers: Please contact us regarding the system requirements to view your work.

Note for Filmmakers: Due to limited time at the screening and award ceremony, Official Selections may be asked to provide a segment no longer than 10 minutes.