Cryptshow Festival is an initiative that promotes the fantasy genre and terror. Every July fill Badalona de Zombies, aliens, vampires and serial killiers most infamous. And to much horror ... the horror!

Official Competition Section Jury Award: a fabulous festival trophy, a mechanical saw made by the Catalan ceramist Marta Martínez i Hortet, and an awesome prize of €666

Official Section Audience Award: a fabulous festival trophy, a mechanical saw made by the Catalan ceramist Marta Martínez i Hortet


Short film application dates: From October 1, 2023 to March 15, 2024.

We accept short films with a running time of less than 25 minutes. Films must have been made after January 2022 and belong to the genre of fantasy. All films received before April the 1st will take part in the selection. If you want to register (FROM NOW ON THE REGISTRATION) your short in our festival you can do it through this link:

Once you have uploaded the film and completed the form you will be registered in the Cryptshow Festival and can apply for the “Circular Saw” JURY prize of €666.

The short films may be filmed in any format but must be submitted on digital video format. Short films not in Catalan or Spanish must be accompanied by a Catalan, Spanish, Galician, English, French or Italian transcript including time code of the dialogues. A photograph or screenshot of the short film must be enclosed with the registration for festival advertising purposes. We would also appreciate a press release.

The short films selected will be shown in the Cryptshow Festival 2024 Official Section Competition (FROM NOW ON THE OSC). The names of the winners will be announced during the closing ceremony of the Cryptshow Festival 2024. Participants are responsible for claims, including but not only for royalties, copyright and property rigths, from third parties regarding the WORK presented. The organisers of the festival reserve the right to resolve any eventuality not specified in the rules. Once the registration is done, the film cannot be removed from the programming or projection except upon payment of a penalty of €100.


The selection jury of the Cryptshow Festival will be included in the OSC. Short films in the OSC will compete for the best film awarded with the "CIRCULAR SAW" trophy voted by the audience and the best film awarded with the "CIRCULAR SAW" prize voted by the official festival jury.

OCS (FORA Official Competition Section) Jury Award: a fabulous festival trophy which consists in a mechanical saw made by the Catalan ceramist Marta Martínez i Hortet, and an awesome prize of €666. The wine of the jury's prize commits himself or herself to give the necessary bank data to transfer the €666 before october 30TH 2023. In the case he or she does not give that data the organization reserves the right to use that money to other editions.The festival will not take responsability for exchange rate if the awarded does not use €euros in his or her country.

Official Section Audience Award: a fabulous festival trophy WHICH CONSISTS IN a mechanical saw made by the Catalan ceramist Marta Martínez i Hortet.


All Catalan-produced short films taking part in the Cryptshow Festival are automatically eligible for PREMI TAC, awarded by Federació d'Entitats Cinèfiles Terror Arreu de Catalunya.

Small Print: all short films received will become part of the festival’s video library. The festival organizing committee reserves the right to use all material received, totally or partially, for non-profit purposes when advertising the Festival. By submitting the registration of your work it is automatically implied that you accept the above conditions.

Any physical delivery of short films as well as posters, postcards, promotional photos or gold bullion, should be sent to:

Cryptshow Festival

C/Santa Maria 71 1º

Barcelona (España)

Overall Rating
  • Dominik Balkow

    Cryptshow is quite a small, but very familiar film festival. The short film selection in 2022 was of an extremely high standard. Badalona itself is a beautiful beach town and the awards ceremony right by the sea is something I will remember forever. The Saw Blade trophy is probably one of the coolest awards I've ever seen. Loved being a part of this festival!

    July 2022
  • Eric Falardeau

    The MOST AMAZING festival in all Europe. I couldn't recommend it enough. The team and the audience are fabulous. I just love them! Submit your film now!

    July 2022
  • It was a good experience and thanks for selecting my short film.

    August 2021
  • Adam O'Keeffe

    A treat to be included for our horror film.

    July 2021
  • Great Film Festival. Thank you very much.

    November 2020