18th. Crossroads International Film Festival

"18 years: Success, Memories, Unforgettable!"

The prestigious Crossroads International Short Film Festival, now in its 18th year, is a competition and festival aimed at displaying the imaginative works of short filmmakers who explore the issue of "REDUCED INEQUALITIES: Reducing discrimination aimed towards women and girls" through their cinematic endeavours.

We will have open-air screenings of the final films in more than 20 cities. We will reward the winning films in December with a prestigious gala night in Istanbul, Turkey.

This festival is a project of the Istanbul Branch of the Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Association, a non-profit organization affiliated with Junior Chamber International.

- Best Documentary Award
- Best Fiction Award
- Best Director Award
- Best Reflects The Theme Award
- Best Script Award
- Special Audience Award

JCI ISTANBUL CROSSROADS 18th International Short Film Festival 2024
"REDUCED INEQUALITIES: Reducing discrimination aimed towards women and girls"


A-) General Conditions

1. Applicant has accepted, declared and pledged that she/he has the film’s literary and financial rights such as presentation and screening.
2. To be able to enter, films should be a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of under 25 minutes in length.
3. Films created with the festival's theme of "REDUCED INEQUALITIES: Reducing discrimination aimed towards women and girls" will be accepted.
4. The image quality of the films should be at a sufficient level for the audience. For example, low-resolution movies shot with a mobile phone will not be accepted.
5. These licences must be obtained and attached to the application form and provided jointly in cases where the owner of the relevant work is required, such as photos from other films, original music, visual effects, and animations utilised in the film.
6. The festival accepts submissions in all categories with the topic "REDUCED INEQUALITIES: Reducing discrimination aimed towards women and girls". All of the films that have been submitted will be judged as a whole.
7. Applications can be made with more than one film.
8. The applicant is obliged to provide the English subtitle file of his film to the festival. Films that do not have or cannot provide an English subtitle file will not be accepted. The applicant is obliged to provide the English subtitled version of his film.

B-) Application

1. Application to the festival is paid. Applications are accepted through filmfreeway.com and festhome.com. Application fees vary from site to site. For detailed information: https://filmfreeway.com/CrossroadsShortFilmFestival and https://filmmakers.festhome.com/festival/crossroads-international-short-film-festival. The application form must be filled out and signed by the legal representative of the film.
2. Applicants with more than one film must fill in and sign a separate application form for each film.
3. The application deadline is September 6, 2024.

C-) Evaluation Criteria

1. Before submitting the films to the jury, the festival committee will send them to pre-selection. During the pre-selection process, complete compliance with the application conditions will be sought. Films that fail to meet any of the requirements will be disqualified from the competition. These films can, however, be included in the festival's screening programme if the festival committee so desires.
2. In the jury evaluation, the scoring procedure will be used.
3. At least ten films with the highest score will be selected as Festival Finalists based on the jury's judgement.

D-) Finalists

On October 11, 2024, the festival's finalist films will be announced on the festival's official website http://jciistanbulcrossroads.com and its official social media account https://www.instagram.com/jciistanbulcrossroads/.

E-) Rights and Obligations

1. The applicants acknowledge and affirm that the films they send are theirs lawfully. Any copyright conflicts with third parties are the applicant's responsibility.
2. In cases that require the permission of the owner of the relevant work, such as images, original music, visual effects and animations from other films used in the film, these permissions must be obtained. This obligation belongs entirely to the person or institution applying for the festival.
3. Films sent to the competition will be able to be screened at the events organized or sponsored by JCI Istanbul Branch.
4. Applicants are deemed to have accepted all these conditions.
5. If any disagreement occurs Istanbul Courts are authorized.
6. Applicants are deemed to have accepted that the films that pass the pre-selection can be shown in national and international open-air screenings and that they will not claim any rights from it. Within the Festival's scope, the films will be screened in important cities such as Paris, France, London, United Kingdom, Berlin, Germany, Bucharest, Romania, New York, USA, and Istanbul, Turkey. In addition, films will be screened at the film camps organized by JCI Istanbul within the scope of the RoadShow project. These camps will be hosted in Turkey's cities of Adana, Antalya, Eskişehir, Ankara, and Istanbul. Film owners agree ahead of time that they will not claim any rights to the films that will be shown in the camps.
7. Applicants are deemed to have accepted that they can be published on JCI Istanbul, JCI Istanbul Crossroads website and social media accounts (Youtube, Facebook and similar platforms) after the award ceremony.

Overall Rating
  • Ceyda Aşar

    My experience at the CrossRoads Festival is one of the best I ever had. The program is remarkable, and I feel so grateful to have been a part of this with our short film This Is Not A Place For You (2023) which won Best Director Award. The organization and communication were fantastic. I strongly recommend this festival for submission.

    January 2024
  • Hinna Gupta

    Thank you for selecting my film. I got a quarter finalist laurel. This is such an encouragement for the first time filmmaker like me. I hope to do better in future and get the Official Selection laurel in the future.

    March 2022
  • Giselle Cavaneyro

    Great festival!

    Thank you for the opportunity and for tecognizing our film. More power! 😊

    November 2021
  • Such an active & activist festival.
    Really glad our roads crossed!

    November 2021
  • Delighted to have 'Flying Women' selected as quarter-finalist at the festival, congratulations to all artists and production.

    November 2021