Created to encourage content creators from unique backgrounds to share their stories, International Cosmopolitan Film Festival of Tokyo will promote the work of diverse (thought, race, gender, age, religion, physical ability and sexual orientation) filmmakers and recognize them for their achievements in film.

On the other hand, coronavirus and the challenges and devastating changes it has caused made it clear that the future of art might be in the hands of animations and computer generated services. In the past few months, many art projects have been either cancelled or halted and postponed but animation and digital companies were able to keep going despite the Coronavirus pandemic, and they have managed to survive through their use of CGI technologies instead of using traditional methods. The festival was founded with the goal of becoming a place to introduce the best of recent national and international animated art projects. The festival is framed by a range of different activities surrounding the art and industry of animation.

• Best Short Film
• Best Short Film on Diversity
• Best Female Short Director
• Best Male Short Director
• Best First Time Short Director
• Best Short Actress
• Best Short Actor
• Best Short Producer
• Best Micro Short
• Best Unproduced Short Script
• Best Produced Short Script
• Best Music Video
• Best Horror Short Film
• Best Student Short
• Best Documentary Short
• Best Covid Film
• Best Experimental Short
• Best Women Empowerment Short Film
• Best Web Series/Tv Pilot
• Best Visual Effects (all categories)
• Best Sound Design (all categories)
• Best Music (all categories)
• Best Feature Film
• Best Feature Film on Diversity
• Best Feature Screenplay
• Best Un-produced Feature Screenplay
• Best Feature Female Director
• Best Feature Male Director
• Best Cinematography in Feature Film
• Best Actress in Feature Film
• Best Actor in Feature Film
• Best Editing in Feature Film
• Best Animated Film Feature
• Best Animated Short
• Best Animated Film on Diversity
• Best Hand Made Generated Graphic
• Best Combination of Animation and Live Action
• Best Computer Generated Graphic
• Best Animation TV/Web Series
• Best Animation Experimental
• Best Documentary Animation
• Best Student Animation
• Best Kid's Animation
• Best Commercial Animation
• Best Original Score in Animation
• Best Character Design in Animation
• All Categories for Short
• All Categories for Feature

The selected and awarded art projects will receive a laurel and a certificate.

The selected and awarded movies promotional material will be announced in our social media pages.

The entrant/submitter hereby certifies that he possesses the right(s) and all of the proper clearances to submit the art piece, including, but not limited to image rights, talent releases, soundtrack, and/or source music releases; and assumes all responsibility for their material. Toronto Independent Animation Festival accepts no responsibility, financial or otherwise, for any movie submitted to the festival.

All decisions made by the judge(s) are considered final and incontestable.

Entry fees are nonrefundable.

Multiple entries are allowed. Any entry will be considered eligible in the next edition only if the art project was not selected in the previous edition.

Submissions in languages other than English must be subtitled in English.

We accept art projects released after 2015.

We consider short films to have a maximum duration of 30 minutes

The selected and awarded art projects will receive a laurel and a certificate.

The selected and awarded projects will be announced and viewable in our site and in our social media pages.

Overall Rating
  • ignacio verdugo

    For us it is a great pride to participate in this festival, we appreciate the recognition of our work. We invite everyone to participate.

    May 2022
  • Kista Tucker

    We are more than honored that "Tales from Dapple Creek" was the "Award Winner" in the Experimental category. This is such a marvelous festival and everyone should know abut it. It's been a pleasure working with you. And BTW, we've now added a trailer.

    May 2022
  • Georgios Polymeris

    Rebetiko Underground team is truly honoured to be a part of this festival. It was a great experience with amazing communication and very friendly approach. Everything was clear from the beginning with good updates and on time! Thank you for all the direction and for having us at your festival. Keep up the good work! Cheers!

    May 2022
  • Eva Louis

    It was great for recognition and being selected as a semifinalist. It's nice to see the balanced recognition through their awards.

    May 2022
  • Noemi Reginiano

    We are really exited to get award winner in Covid 19 Short Film and Best Song (All categories) in Spring 2022 for the Reginiano - Home Again.
    Thank you dear judies and organizers!

    May 2022