"KOAN OF SPRING" directed by Marc-Olivier Louveau
(Pseudonyme Lou Ma Ho)

More details can be found around mid November (Yes from 15th Nov) at
Thank you!

Dear Fellow Script Writers, greetings from Colortape film festival! How are you? Hope all is well. I am writing to you to let you know about the progress of the scripts category in the competition.
As you may know many script writers in the recently closed event for 2022-2023 have received a "Nomination" status notification. Meaning some of the writers are still in the running somewhere in the Top 10 in various categories . Unfortunately, ALL scripts awards will be put on hold indefinitely "until further notice". The reason is that most of the scripts have not been assessed or not completely analysed (or at least we don't have the points allocated). Missing are either the complete analysis/evaluation and/or the points/scores. Frankly the situation is dire because two of this year's panelists are caught in the Middle East's current war event, who were assigned upon our request to kindly read and give us their opinions (many are second crucial evaluations). As we would like the scripts to be fairly judged to the highest possible level. In fairness to all participating writers, we cannot release any results to-date, which affects the points allocation and calculations, consequently the decision process on who the runner-ups-potential winners, semi finalists and quarter finalist are in various categories. Which affects the award process. We do'n't normally release the names of the panel of judges or people involved in the assessment process, to reduce the influence and the direct canvassing for support by participants. as In the past has caused us a lot of problems. But just as a point of interest, one of the assessor/panelist is Prof. Brownstein from Israel who happens to be caught in a very bad situation and could not provide us with indications of his deliberation on a group of writers. Not sure how far did he get with the proof-reading, analysis, reporting writing. Also a second panelist based close by in the Middle East, has not responded to our email. Our hunch is that it could be tied up in intel ops or might be held hostage being part of the US government staff based somewhere in the area. So we apologies but there will be a delay for anywhere between 1-3 months until we find other suitable and qualified persons of interest in such a short time to take their places. Alternatively, any suggestions or options are on the table at this time. I was wondering if you would consider reading and scoring reciprocally a randomly chosen fellow competitor's script. I know it sounds, wierd, because there is always the temptation to low-score someone so you can gain more points, seen the eliminations on Master Chef? Big Brother is Watching, or other cooking shows? Good grief.......PLEASE be aware that this is on a FREE voluntary unpaid service basis, as we are all volunteering in running this event and are involved on a part-time basis in the event, one way or another, with no renumeration available if you would accept to help us. Sorry, we are a Not-For-Profit, FREE event with no income/grants or subsidies from anywhere. Everyone involved is doing it for the passion and love for art. Love for film. Please reply this S.O.S. within 48 hours if you can, so we can get things rolling. Ideally each person would be assigned a:
1x Full script it could be hundred+ pages and a
1x Short script less than 80 or 50 pages.
All works are ought to be kept "Confidential, Private and Commercially sensitive information". Must give us assurance in writing that you will not copy, sell, share, disclose or use for personal benefit/gain any of the materials (scripts) received. Same goes for musical scores for those helping in the musical video categories. Please be fair and considerate towards others.Thank you.
Please confirm (respond via email) with a simple YES/NO thank you
Looking forward to hear back to those ardent readers willing to put their hand up.
Thank you for your understanding. Kindly yours Alex Schiller - CEO & Founder

Thank you for visiting our film submission festival platform. Our audience love your films. Please feel free to submit your works to us.

NEW: Every month two awards (Best Film of the Month & Monthly Honorable Mention) will be given for each category.

Please find for your convenience listed some important links you may want to browse and get more information. Links under constant development, if you find errors PLEASE email us the link thank you!

2023 Film Screening Event, Competition (listing, watch & vote) can be found at

Before submitting PLEASE read our terms & conditions which can be found at https://www.colortapeinternational.com/terms&conditions.html

Festivals need access to films to be able to screen films. Without films screenings at festivals cannot take place. Hence, for participation we need the screener. Due to past bad experience, the data's long travelling distance from one continent to other during playback of films "on the fly" for example European in excess of 10,000km distance away from Australia, continuous and frequent frame freezes ocured during the event, the movies keeps stopping and starting as there was no continuous connection, low bandwidth and relatively slow speed (Australia has a slower internet than many countries around the world). Its a fact.

Nobody wants to watch a film that keeps stopping and starting. 
This kind of technical glitch makes some films unwatchable, if played back from Vimeo, FilmFreeway listing platform. Hence a screener download is a MUST be provided so it an be watched flawlessly, without interruptions, and without getting skipping, lagging frames etc. Thank you for your understanding. CIFF Admin

In order to increase filmmakers accumulated points received from the public, from views online, you must allow us to screen on our website or outdoor cinema/indoor if available. Optional, not guaranteed. We need to book the location, have permits in place, public liability, council approvals etc.
all subject to availability.

Since, the majority of filmmakers would like to receive the highest score possible, and would like to have their films viewed by the general public.

If you do not want to have your film listed on COLORTAPE FILM FESTIVAL then PLEASE remove your entry from submissions.

More information on submissions/rules can be found at:
Press & Media Releases

Privacy Policy

Event Screening (Indoor/Outdoor - subject to approvals from local councils, weather/environment permits)

Colortape International Film Festival is a privately owned, multicultural film festival promoting worldwide arts & culture through films, while bridging cultural differences, friendship, showcasing the creative vision of filmmakers from over the world. We are strong advocates and promoters of peace, love, friendship and mutual respect. One of very few festivals, if not the only one, to guaranteed acceptance, entry and certification for every filmmaker! Over 4512 filmmakers were rewarded in the past 8/9 years!

Dedicated mainly for international entries who would like to showcase their work to the Australian audience. Offering a transparent and culturally un-biased selection. Opening the door to those who normally get rejected or are unfairly disqualified based on difference in culture.

Local Australian filmmakers, based within our shores or outside can also participate.
We acknowledge that there are many more options available to local filmmakers, we noted in the past that many Australian films also do not get any or the right recognition and acceptance from local film festivals. They ought to be recogised. Even if there are better quality with larger budgets films entered from overseas. We would still like to reward everyone for their hard work, and creative nature.

Colortape is a film competition and film festival offering an Indoor/Outdoor screening opportunity , when possible, to showcase filmmakers work, and reward everyone towards the end of the competitive season.

Colortape festival was nominated as one of the most prestigious and recognized film festivals in the Southern hemisphere & possibly being one of Asia-Pacific's largest multicultural film competition by the number of annual admissions and FREE for the community in Australia.

In 2016, and 2017, 2018 nominated again for a 3rd year in a row for the "Access Community Services Cultural Diversity Award" by state government of Queensland, Regional Achievement and Community Awards.

Our festival endeavours to connect & bridge diverse cultural backgrounds from every corner of the world, whilst providing a sound platform for filmmakers to compete, showcase their work and be rewarded (recognition certified) at the same time, and offered an intimate festival where filmmakers and the audience can share & promote friendship and peace, to be engaged in the art of film and cinema.

Colortape is the first ever film festival in the world to award filmmakers with custom designed & newly released NFT (Non-Fungible-Tokens) valued in Ethereum cryptocurrency. Non-redeemable, BUT awarded filmmakers have re-sale & transfer rights, and can fundraise their future film projects by selling their NFT to their sponsors, family, friends, or NFT collectors, NFT investors, in the film diaspora. Note: NFTS are like diamonds/wine/paintings. The older they will get the more valuable they will become. Must have heard of some VIP NFTS sold in millions. Never know what could happen to yours. Re-assurance: Colortape will NOT retain any royalty % on transfer or re-sales of the awarded film NFTS. Guaranteed. One NFT award will be issued per winner. Best Actor/Actress/Best DOP/Cinematography/Sound etc may also receive an NFT award for working on the same project, entirely different design/minting process & value. The NFT awards value will vary from one film to another, year -to - year and will usually takes place close to the end of the competitive season (December) each year. Email notification and digital certificates will be emailed, to reduce close contacts.
The cryptocurrency and NFT market is evolving rapidly and we want to keep pace with the developments. We recommend filmmakers/producers/agents get a crypto currency "wallet". We use the most common one Metamask, it is easy and secure. NFTS are designed by "Ride2FameWithMe" and the minted token value is assigned by CIFF management according to the respective award.

Thank you for your support. PLEASE help us with your reviews and fundraising initiatives (buy our NFTS). if possible so we can reward as many possible filmmakers, animators, script writers, musicians, content creators like yourselves to get some sort of recognition for your works.

Winners & Runner Ups - Top 100 Nominees updates will be available for viewing in December each year at https://www.colortapeinternational.com/2023winners&runnerups.html

Submission requirements
Filmmaker must send us a screener version download link of their full/complete film in MP4 format (preferable), foreign films MUST include English subtitles (srt file is ok too), also a synopsis in winword or RTF/PDf format, + a high quality (not thumbnail) 300DPI poster size A3 OR A4 + trailer mp4 format for promotion/advertising your film at the festival) Alternatively, send us 2x copies of your work on DVD/BluRay disc, DSR, or file on USB flash card / Micro SD card (we will return it if requested) if have any queries please contact us for the surface mail (postage).

Once received you will automatically proceed past our 1st or 2nd phase of acceptance or pre-selection process and you will receive an extra 5 points for poster submission & screener link. We need to share the film link with judges or panel selection in other geographical areas where our festival runs simultaneously, and because we had problems during playback at public screening in the past while running online (as frames dropped out and connections were severed), people just walking out of the screening sessions, making our presentation look very unprofessional while filmmakers missed out on crucial points. Hence we have decided to have (mp4 / mov / mpeg format file) and/or a screener on hand available to play any time anywhere, unrestricted and flawlessly. Depending on the material and works submitted. Thank you.

The submitted work should be filmed in either Standard Definition (SD) but most preferable in High Definition (HD) if possible, The last one will attract extra points. Some categories are exempt (for example: Mobile Phone category). Please include a 300DPI CYMK rezolution A4 poster (5 points extra will be awarded for graphics design & creativity) and line of credits + a short synopsis (5 points each added). DVD cover and art works will also receive extra points for presentation (5points). Must submit your own work not somebody else's. Penalties will apply for plagiarism and copyright theft.

Since you have shot and made your film/documentary/commercial/musical or promo, and after spending endless hours of pre & post production work, from filming to editing, designing and rendering, once you have finalized your master then now it’s time to send us a link to your version of your film (web uploaded) or send us DVD copies. Make your film stand out by delivering the highest possible quality, and playable at a good speed (without frames being dropped). Hence, is to be rendered in a popular industry standard format. Always keep a copy of your master safe and on file for future use. It is the responsibility of the registered member or entrant to upload the correct file format or working link and must be as small as possible, and playable as fast as possible. Any submitted foreign language films made in your native language MUST have English subtitles or dubbing! Don't take the risk to loose crucial points by not providing translation, get the much needed extra points to boost your chances to win!

Remember: Please submit posters, A4 via email in digital format, pdf/psd/jpeg/gif 300DPI CYMK minimum printing resolution (extra 5 points to be awarded for a poster submission, photo and info about the film or filmmaker & your subject(s), cast and crew information in text format (if you have not done so already when registering on FilmFreeway). Any format (email or letterhead) will do it! PLEASE Include title, director's name, full surface mail address and email address when you sign-up!
Yes, some filmmakers do not fill out the complete address (eg: state, or country)

Colortape International promotes the work submitted by filmmakers which are made in their own native language – but there must be a multi-language selection subtitle in SRT format or embedded in your submitted material, most importantly in English (if your film is not in English language). We will not assess or award points on the correctness or gramma of the English language used. We just need to understand your film. However, if your submitted material will be a winner or runner-up in one of the regions and will enter the world competition at international level, we would suggest to you to improve the language issue to suit most audiences world wide. Tip! You will have a better chance to progress in the competition at higher levels. Participants, directors or filmmakers submitting either: films, documentaries, montage and musicals, “0-60 Seconds” commercials/promos and/or short films into this competition then should tell us how much budget did you have, and should upload a clear pre & post production snap shot (jpeg pref.) of cast & crew, and a short biography of the director OR a synopsis. Must be sent to us via Festhome during the registration process, and must be attached to their profile and be readily available to provide us with more information about themselves, cast & crew and their subject if they are selected to progress into the finals.

Advertisements & Film Classification
Colortape International film festival will be given special customs and censorship clearances under which it is forbidden to allow persons under the age of 18 years to attend. However, some films included in the Commercials & Short Film Festival and post 2024 will be classified and in some cases children under the age of 18 will be allowed to attend certain screenings depending upon the classification received. Also if you will use children under the age of 18 in your own productions you MUST download a Parent Consent Form and have it signed with the legal guardian of the child prior to shoot your advertisement. A form must be completed for every child featured in the commercial or promo. A commercial or film's classification will be identified in the Colortape International Film Festival Guide section of the website.

For further information on Film Classification visit: http://www.classification.gov.au/special.html

Overall Rating
  • Anjali Patil

    I think this is an AI generated festival.
    And if you guys are real then take my documentary down from your fu#%%^ing YouTube channel.
    This is absolutely not acceptable.
    It’s called Neither A girl Nor A Woman

    February 2023
    Colortape international film festival logo
    Response from festival:

    Dear filmmaker, thank you for your eloquent words. It is a very charming expression used by someone of your calibre film director moving up (down) in the film echelon world. Anwering your complaint you obviously have not read the terms and conditions on our web sites. Just in a hurry to enter as many festivals as possible but little time is reserved to read the rules. Clearly specified in many parts of our web site.Terms & Conditions note: For those who DO NOT want their film listed on YouTube PLEASE send us an email to colortape@gmail.com with the message "Please remove Film title for YouTube in the Subject Line. REMEMBER: filmmakers will miss out & not get the extra 10-15 point from the public's "Watch & Vote" accumulative points for your film. Sometimes a mere 5 point could be the difference between a Winning a particular category and/or prize! your film was kindly removed. Just to save you the trouble for having a defamation label or legal action taken against your saying I would stronly recommend you to enter festivals through a qualified experienced agent. Best of luck in your distinguis career.

    More information on terms & conditions can be found at https://www.colortapeinternational.com/terms&conditions.html After careful consideration and review, we declare your Winning Award certificate void. Based on the grounds that you do not meet the required points to win the award. Runner up will be re-awarded as Winner. Please remove all credits and publicity for your award. thank you. We reserve ALL right.

  • Thanks for including Adrienne’s Garden in the festival

    December 2022
    Colortape international film festival logo
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much. We enjoy your works. This means a lot to us. In the past two years we have barely received a handful of reviews only. Not sure how much is helping us to boost our event, as we (the CEO) mainly believes more in the spreading our event by the "word of mouth". In saying that, just wait a bit as we have not finished the award processes. We are going deeper with DOP/Choreography/Scores/Actors and many other awards. More is come to "Adrienne's Garden" too. The CIFF Team of volunteers is overloaded. Just got the web sites running again after the hack. Our appologies for delays. Wish you a Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year to ALL filmmakers, cast, crew, pre & post production staff, agents, representatives, Filmfreeway & Festhome platform staff, and their families!

  • Thank you for the award given me to recognize my great achievement in MUZZLED Movie.

    December 2022
    Colortape international film festival logo
    Response from festival:

    You are welcome! We were honoured indeed to have your film in our festival. Amazing work for an up--coming director. Keep making them, the more the better you will get at it. Best of luck.

  • Jon Sargent

    Thanks for including my film, Masks in Moonlight in this year's festival!

    December 2022
    Colortape international film festival logo
    Response from festival:

    THANK YOU! We wish you a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2023 to ALL filmmakers, cast, crew, pre & post production staff, agents, representatives, Filmfreeway & Festhome platform staff, and their families!

  • Alexander Senicki

    Having been selected for CIFF's festival is truly a great honor and one that came as a complete surprise! We look forward to submitting part two of our movie in the future. Kudos to the organizers for do a great job supporting independent filmmakers.

    November 2022
    Colortape international film festival logo
    Response from festival:

    Thank you! It is an honour indeed. Best of luck and welcome to submit again. Best of luck. CIFF Team