Our upcoming event is planned to be held on Sunday, April 14, 2019 from 3-9 PM at The Bug Theater, 3654 Navajo Street, Denver, Colorado. You can get tickets courtesy of FilmFreeway within a month or so of the event. Congratulations to last year's Semi-Finalists, Finalists and Award Winners! We received 67 submissions and provided 30 awards for our first season. We've updated our website with links to the #CICHFF 2018 Event Program, Poster and Laurel. Warm thanks to our guests, sponsors and judges!

On Tues., May 1, 2018, 5-8 PM, we were honored to host a private post-festival live screening of Jeff Eichen's Lifers Madness the Movie, which stars Tommy Chong, at Denver Open Media (DOM), 700 Kalamath Street. Please note, DOM and The Bug Theater are non-smoking venues. Please consult their websites for more rules and guidelines.

Cannabis is simply the scientific name given to the Marijuana plant. Some states, such as Colorado, have legalized the plant for recreational use much like alcohol. The regulation and legality of Cannabis & Hemp has been left up to each individual state and U.S. territory. While many states and territories have passed legislation making the distribution and use of Cannabis legal for patients diagnosed with cancers and other medical conditions, others still arrest and jail innocent people for using it. With the federal government agreeing with researchers and patients that there are, in fact, many benefits, one has to wonder when the use of Cannabis will become common across all fifty states.

To get an idea of the types of films we are hoping to attract, browse the selections at Films for Action and Top Documentary Films. Submission topics include Law & Jurisprudence, Cannabis Economics, Impact on Environment, Hemp as Fuel, Natural Healing, Spirituality, Drug Abuse & Recovery from Addictions. All perspectives on legitimate uses & ideas related to Cannabis, Hemp & remotely related topics are welcome.

We would love to feature your documentaries, dramatizations, docudramas, comedies, animations, screenplays, art/photographs and music videos. Please be sure your submissions are relevant to our festival theme of "Cannabis & Hemp."

We anticipate submissions from many countries. Activists submit short & feature-length films, screenplays, music/songs, art/photos, etc. for consideration by our team of 5-10 judges, which may change seasonally. If you are interested in helping rate/judge submissions, please text/email us. Also, if you are interested in writing film & music reviews, which we'll publish at our website, please text/email us.

As our festival grows locally in popularity and funding, we hope to invite partners and volunteers from the Denver metro area and surrounding counties. We hope to screen submissions for up to two weeks at multiple venues. We hope to hold panels and debates.

All donations go toward supporting award-winning activist filmmakers, photographers/artists, musicians & writers. You can contact us via snail mail - In Care Of 4259 West Florida Avenue, # 19495 Denver, Colorado, USA [80219] - or by TEXT/CALL (720) 298-1524.

Depending on the number and types of submissions we receive, we may provide alternative and/or additional awards. We regret that we are unable to screen all of the submissions we select.

#CICHFF 2019 Anticipated Categories for Awards

1.0 USA/INTL. Script for Film/MV, 2.0 USA/INTL Dramatic Feature Film/MV, 3.0 USA/INTL Documentary Feature Film/MV, 4.0 USA/INTL Photo/Art & Special 5.0 USA/INTL Animated/Cartoon Feature Film/MV, 6.0 USA/INTL Comedic Feature Film/MV, 7.0 USA/INTL Music Video or Film, 8.0 USA/INTL Comedic Short Film/MV, 9.0 USA/INTL Animated/Cartoon Film/MV Short, 10.0 USA/INTL Documentary Short Film/MV, 11.0 USA/INTL Dramatic Short Film/MV, 12.0 USA/INTL VR/Web/New Media

#CICHFF 2019 Anticipated Awards

1.0 Best Script; Most Entertaining Script for Film/MV, 2.0 Best in Show for Film/MV, 3.0 Best Direction, Acting, Actor, Actress, Host/Narrator 4.0 Best Production Design for Film/MV, 5.0 Best Titles, Graphics & Animation (TG & A), 6.0 Best Cinematography, 7.0 Best Soundtrack/Audio/Music, 8.0 Best Costumes, Make-up & SFX (CM & SFX), 9.0 “Colorado & the West” for Drama & Doc Film/MV, 10.0 “Rising Star” for Drama & Doc Film/MV, 11.0 “Festival Theme” (Cannabis & Hemp, etc.) for Drama & Doc Film/MV, 12.0 Best Experimental, “Shockingly Artistic”, “Hip & Cool” for Film/MV

As our festival acquires sponsorship and funding, we hope to offer cash and other types of awards to talented activist filmmakers and creatives. In the meantime, judges and award winners are automatically enrolled in our Learned Society, the Association of International Activist Filmmakers (a $100 value). You are invited to list the society on your portfolio/CV. Award winners are permitted to modify your own laurels to reflect your award status.

All plans and practices are subject to change without notice. Script submissions under a pen name must be pre-approved by festival organizers before submission. Call/text (720) 298-1524. Non-English speaking films and music videos should be subtitled in English. All submissions must be the original work of the filmmaker/creative.

It is up to our festival organizers whether we wish to grant an award or refund. All refund requests are handled at the discretion of our festival organizers. If submitters have a valid reason for a refund request, we will do our best to provide refunds. Please note that non-acceptance to our festival is not a valid reason for a refund.

Music videos must be music-track centric, featuring the music/song/lyrics as the primary content, one single track from start to finish (not including credits). Also, Music videos must show the musician & song title in the title and on-screen credits.

A short film that is highly visual with music added to emphasize, augment, and illustrate the visual content would not qualify as a music video. Please submit these under "All Categories." Please be sure your submission is relevant to the theme of our festival!

Submission Statuses may change as requirements are satisfied. Please email us for details if you receive an "Incomplete" or "Disqualified" status.In Consideration: All submission requirements satisfied. Submission under review. Incomplete: Festival awaiting receipt of submission or requesting additional information. Disqualified: Festival has disqualified the submission from consideration.

After we select a submission and the submitter is notified, the submission will eventually be listed on our festival web site. Selections and non-selected submissions will be listed. Please allow a few weeks following the conclusion of festival live events to find your submission listed.

We select festival screeners from Award Winners, Finalists and Semi-Finalists. Once you are notified, please be sure your uploaded submission is made downloadable to our team via FilmFreeway, Vimeo or YouTube. We download your media to our hard drives and create playlists for screening at live events. Also, you are invited to email us a small promotional photo in JPEG format and a 20-30 word synopsis for possible inclusion on the festival web site and event program. You may also email us a link to your submission's web site/portfolio, which we will link to from our festival site.

Otherwise, if we don't receive a promo, we reserve the right to create one based on information you have submitted to our festival via FilmFreeway and also information you have provided online about your submission via social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Individuals submitting material to us hereby grant to Infinite Perimeter Films your non-exclusive limited use agreement to use film titles, trailers, posters and other promo materials for festival and film promotional use only, including online, print, and broadcast media to promote the festival and selected films to the industry and general public. Submitters fully retain all rights, title and interest in their submissions and all intellectual property.

Individuals submitting material to us hereby warrant that s/he/it is authorized to commit the film for judging and screening, and understands and accepts these Rules & Terms.

Individuals submitting material to us hereby indemnify and hold harmless Infinite Perimeter Films from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court), which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the materials entered. Infinite Perimeter Films reserves the right to use limited submitter materials to promote future related events.

Overall Rating
  • George Wada

    What an honor to have my music video "Road Trip with KD and Macy" getting accepted and winning an award! Unfortunately, I was not able to attend. Will be checking out other Infinite Perimeter Films film festivals.

    October 2018
  • Thank you to the jury and organization of CICHFF for selecting my film.

    September 2018
  • Colorado International Cannabis & Hemp Film Festival is a unique and ambitious new Film Festival, made by unique and ambitious vision driven people.

    July 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Detlef! We look forward to reviewing and including your work again soon!

  • R. Glasser

    A great film festival, we are thankful to have been a part of it.

    May 2018
    Response from festival:

    Our judges really enjoyed watching & reviewing your film! Thank you for submitting your work to our festival, best of luck!

  • Most communicative festival I have worked with thus far. The same goes for the other festivals from the same group.

    April 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much, Paul, for submitting your strange & unique music videos to our festivals!