Cinema World Fest is a world class festival from the entertainment capital of the world, California, and one of few that does not charge extra fees for each subcategory. Your film is eligible for multiple awards in every category... unlike most other festivals!

*** Other festivals charge for every single award category. We don't! ***

Our mandate is to seek out the best in film, both amateur and professional, believing you don't have to have a Hollywood budget to make a great movie. We’re a quarterly festival that showcases films and screenplays of all genres, short and long.
Unlike other festivals, entries do not battle against each other. Instead, films will compete with themselves and are judged based on a high standard of merit and scored accordingly. Selected films will be recognized and awarded Best in Show, Award of Excellence, Award of Merit or Award of Recognition.
Best in Show is chosen as the submission receiving the highest overall score. Award of Excellence is presented to those entries showing excellence in film making. Those displaying exceptional artistic or technical performance are presented an Award of Merit. Entries that impress the judges and make an impact in one or several specific categories will receive an Award of Recognition.
No fixed number of awards will be granted. Every submission that meets the level of excellence will receive an award.

A little bit about us…
The festival runs in 4 quarterly online competitions. Entries are accepted as follows:
Winter Selection (December – February)
Spring Selection (March – May)
Summer Selection (June – August)
Autumn Selection (September – November)
The entry deadline for our next selection is May 31st and the winners will be announced at the end of June 2020.
We will choose our favorite films from the year to be screened at a gala event to be held in 2021. The audience will choose their favorite and a prestigious CWFA Trophy will be awarded.

Submissions will be judged in the following areas (and anything else that we think you have done well):
• Story (Creativity, character development, impact)
• Directing
• Acting
• Cinematography
. Color
• Music
• Special Effects
• Sound

Awards include:
• Best in Show
Every submission meeting the required level of merit will win one or more of the following awards:
• Award of Excellence
• Award of Merit
• Award of Recognition in Creativity
• Award of Recognition in Directing
• Award of Recognition in Acting
• Award of Recognition in Cinematography
• Award of Recognition in Music
• Award of Recognition in Special Effects
• Award of Recognition in Sound
. Award of Recognition in Color

We will consider the following submission types:
• Feature (Over 40 min)
• Short (Up to 40 min)
• Documentary Feature (Over 40 min)
• Documentary Short (Up to 40 min)
• Music Video
• Trailer
• Screenplay
You are entitled to enter as many films as you like during a festival quarter. If an entry does not win it may be re-submitted in another quarter. We prefer online screeners for the judging process. YouTube or Vimeo links are welcome and we will accept DVDs. We also require an electronic press kit (synopsis and poster or screen grab) to post on our site. Following the festival quarter you can request the removal of your promotional material.

Screenplays should be in PDF format
Project completion date no more than 2 years old
Films can be in English, French or Italian (or with English/French/Italian subtitles)
Screenplays must be in English
CWFA will not make your property available online
We DO accept partially completed films

Accepted entries will receive an Official Selection notification and certificate. After judging is completed, winners will receive a second email with their Winner certificates.
Official Selections and Winners will be posted on our Facebook site.

By submitting your film you agree that you own the rights to it and are responsible for the content. By submitting you are granting CWFA the right to post the name, synopsis and artwork on our website. There is no refund given if your film is not selected for the festival.

Filmmakers are allowed to use the CWFA Laurels on their winning or selected film ONLY. They can be used on posters as well as other related media.

Overall Rating
  • Machiel van den Heuvel

    I was very happy to be part of this award festival. Good communication and a very professional judgement. Wish you all the best!

    January 2020
    Cinema world fest awards logo
    Response from festival:

    The Sako Tapes is a great first effort. We look forward to seeing more from you. Thank-you, Machiel.

  • My first award for my new script “ Damnit...????” !!!! I’m so excited!!! This will help so much in getting it produced!!! & my short “The Ledge” received two as well !!! I couldn’t be more grateful ! You guys are “the cat’s meow” !!! They look great on my wall !! Your graphics are outstanding !!! Forever in your debt , Keith Biondi

    January 2020
    Cinema world fest awards logo
    Response from festival:

    The first of many, I'm sure, Keith. Best of luck!
    And thank-you for your kind words. We are honoured to be hanging on your wall.

  • Denis Wong

    Thanks from our cast & crew for the awards and your amazing efforts in running this festival. Hope to make it over there next year. It's great to be a part of your festival as a contributor via our movie.

    October 2019
    Cinema world fest awards logo
    Response from festival:

    Thank-you, Denis. We would look forward to meeting you if you are able to make it to LA.

  • André Havéus

    Thank you Cinema World Fest Awards for selecting our short film THE RAINMAKER for best Choreography and best fantasy short film! We are very grateful.
    All the communication was excellent and very Professional!

    October 2019
    Cinema world fest awards logo
    Response from festival:

    Thank-you for reviewing, and congratulations.

  • Mehmet Tığlı

    It’s a great honor to be award winner at this amazing festival. Glad to be part of this event. Congratulations to all festival team.

    October 2019
    Cinema world fest awards logo
    Response from festival:

    Thank-you, Mehmet. We really enjoyed Spizella.