We are open for submissions!

Absolute deadline is 7th January 2018.

Guidelines for Submissions

Chester International Film Festival is delighted to offer animators the chance to submit work for our Animation Festival to accompany the 2018 programme. Films will be shown prior to the main film each night. All submissions are welcome, whether you are a professional or an amateur. The deadline for entries is Jan 7, 2018. Online submissions are strongly encouraged.

This is the 32nd Chester International Film Festival and the 5th Chester Animation Festival.

Our audience will vote for the best film which will receive a trophy.

We require three items:

1. Your Film We prefer online file transfers via WeTransfer.com. Simply select your highest quality file and send it to animation18@chesterfilmfans.co.uk. Do not watermark your film as this will be your entry. If you use Google Docs or Vimeo that is fine. If you want to send a CD/DVD Send a data file only on CD/DVD to Animation 18 c/o Mike Graham 22 Holbein Close Chester CH4 7EU.

2. Entry Form – see below. An incomplete form will invalidate your entry. Each item can be sent either by means of the internet or by postal service.

3. We ask that you include 2 or 3 high-resolution stills for publicity purposes if possible.

DEADLINES Our deadline is January 7, 2018 Late entries will not be accepted.

FILM ELIGIBILITY You must be an original author of the film (producer or director). If more than one person authored the film, you confirm, by submitting the film, that you have the necessary consent from its co-authors to submit the film.

• Any animated film — from anywhere, made whenever, shown wherever, and in any genre.

• Place of origin – Films may come from anywhere in the world.

• Completion date – You may submit films made at any time during your life.

• Length – Films should be 15 minutes maximum.

• Other festivals – You may show your work at other festivals simultaneously.

• Internet – You may show as much of your work online as you like.

• Animation method – All animation methods are eligible: hand-drawn, computer, stop-motion, pixilation, rotoscope, motion capture, compositing with live action, etc. Live action films must have a strong animation component.

• Genre – All genres of animation are eligible: narrative, abstract, music video, advertisement, documentary, motion comics, non-play video game sequences, etc.

• Entry does not guarantee acceptance.

ACCEPTED FORMATS While various formats are acceptable, we prefer: file format .mov or .mp4 compression H.264 frame rate 24 or 25 fps aspect ratio 16:9 resolution 1920×1080

• File Format – We will attempt to play whatever you send — but strongly prefer .mov or .mp4 files.

• Compression – We recommend using the H.264 codec. Other codecs may work, but are more prone to compression artifacts. (Creating playable discs further degrades image quality.)

• Frame Rate – We accept any frame rate — but want 24 or 25 fps if you have it.

• Aspect Ratio – We accept any aspect ratio. All films will be displayed in a 16:9 frame, with black bars added as necessary.

• Resolution – Please send the highest resolution file you’ve got. A vertical resolution of 1080 pixels is ideal. Minimum vertical resolution is 480 pixels.