The Chelsea Film Festival (CFF) has been selected in the "TOP 10 BEST FILM FESTIVAL IN NORTH AMERICA" (#6) by USA Today in 2019 among 19 other film festivals in the USA.

CFF is an organization dedicated to supporting films and the artists who create them by providing a creative forum for exchange and discovery with the public.

The Festival will attract filmmakers, artists and audience members from across North America and around the globe. It will premiere independent feature-length, documentaries and short films with a Global Focus.

Chelsea Film Festival aims to raise an awareness about foreign independent films and discover upcoming talents.

The Chelsea Film Festival is an international film platform for world lovers.

There are 20+ awards in each category Short and Feature-Length (Best actor, actress, supporting actor, actress, screenplay, documentary, director, Best Picture).


Chelsea Film Festival 9th Edition

Entries must be New York City premieres and have been completed in 2020 or 2021. Films shown in other festivals or public screenings in New York are not eligible for consideration (The Committee reserves the right to waive this rule in the case of small non-commercial, non-publicized showings).

Work can only be submitted via streaming video.

Exhibition Format authorized: DCP

Feature-length Films and Documentaries must be between 90 minutes maximum and not less than 60 minutes.

Short Films must be between 3-20 minutes maximum.

Virtual Reality: under 15 minutes (VR competition is a separate category)

Films must not have been released on any online platforms prior to the Festival (i.e. Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.)

Films in any language other than English must be subtitled in English.

Theme: Global Issues

Submissions are not refundable.

Force Majeur Clause: Due to Covid-19 pandemic and unforeseen outcome, the Chelsea Film Festival reserves the right to postpone or move the event to a digital platform if necessary.

By using this website and submitting your entry on FilmFreeway, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of Chelsea Film Festival, Inc. as provided on our website:

Overall Rating
  • The Chelsea Film Festival was an experience like no other! Ingrid and the CFF team designed a seamless online festival from start to finish, complete with exciting events, networking groups, professional development opportunities, self care classes and a black tie awards ceremony. This festival has style, substance and a touch of magic. At this historic moment when so much has been lost, The Chelsea Film Festival did not miss a beat and carried on with great elegance. I will never forget this experience and am so proud to have been included as a filmmaker this year.

    About the films... Amazing work from around the world. Compelling, relevant stories beautifully crafted on every level. Bravo!

    October 2020
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    Response from festival:

    Dear Elizabeth, thank you for taking the time to write your impressions. As you mentioned, so much has been lost this year, our goal was to continue to spread light and positivity. Our team was very honored to show such powerful work this year. Much gratitude to you for your kind words. We hope to have you back one day!

  • Chelsea Film Festival is easily rising in the ranks. With only great quality films being accepted, and the festival adapting to online through the pandemic with fun sessions and filmmaker meetings, it's no wonder they are gaining a following of over thousands of fans on social media. I'm honored to have my film here, and a magazine released an article about my success here as well!

    October 2020
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    Response from festival:

    Thank you Jordan for your review. It was very nice to meet each and every one of you virtually. What a special year this was. Looking forward to having you back one day!

  • CFF was so so fun.
    The team worked tirelessly to keeps the filmmakers informed at all times about all the special events. They found wonderful ways to help us connect and enjoy each other's work even with all the challenges brought by COVID. From dance parties, to networking, to important conversations, it had it all. And obviously I'm biased but I really enjoyed the selection of films! They did it all with suggested donation fees because they just really love films and filmmakers. If they managed to make an online festival this fun and festive, I can only imagine "the real deal" is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for having The Book of Ruth at the festival!

    October 2020
  • Jaret Martino

    As an artist, I create projects that make a difference and shed light on subject matters deserving of more attentionĀ from society and from the filmmaking community. We are thrilled that the judges at Chelsea Film Festival recognized the importance of including our Films The Worst Day of My Life and DONNA: Stronger Than Pretty. Winning the "Special Mention and Best Supporting Actress" awards, It's such an honor!

    This festival is organized and communicative, and I plan to submit all my upcoming films to this wonderful platform! I respect that this festival went the extra mile and put in a ton of hard work to organize an event that truly was inspiring and a safe space for people to come together. They are helping create a shift towards love and peace and for that I'm equally grateful. Thanks so much! Endless love and light !

    October 2020
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    Response from festival:

    Endless love and light back to you, Jaret. Thank you for making our world a much more brighter place. We would be happy to welcome you back anytime! Congratulations again on making content that spreads love. LOVE always wins!

  • Cynthia Shaw

    What a wonderful festival this is! Ingrid and the entire team created a friendly, creative, and engaging week for all of us filmmakers. Even though everything was virtual, there were several meet and greets with other filmmakers, breakout rooms to get to know each other, industry events and the festival was extended an extra week to allow people to see all of the 130 films. And what films they are! I have enjoyed the variety and quality of every film I've seen, and I've seen a lot. So happy to have been selected for this year and urge filmmakers to submit to this festival. It was amazing! Thank you.

    October 2020
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    Response from festival:

    Dear Cynthia, we noticed you have been very supportive of other filmmakers selected this year and know you've watched numerous films! Our team was very impressed by your dedication. It is wonderful to see during these times, as we were all isolated and so far from each other. We want to thank you back for making our CFF family even stronger and more loving.