Hosted by the Central Coast Film Society, a regional non-profit with a mission to celebrate cinema and promote media arts and entertainment on California’s Central Coast, the Central Coast Showcase is an opportunity to feature local and student filmmaking, while also connecting each other to resources, mentors, and industry advisors that will elevate local projects and help creators reach their goals.

Filmmakers selected to be part of the Central Coast Showcase will receive tickets to the Entertainment EXPO events, including special access to the Industry Lounge lunch and networking events.

As part of the 100th Anniversary Weekend celebrating Cecil B. Demille's "The Ten Commandments", the theme for this year's Central Coast Showcase is "Show, Don't Tell". We will be looking to feature silent films or films that feature dialogue-free scenes and characters.

Tell us what your goals are as a filmmaker and we'll find the best way to integrate you into the EXPO and into this incredible arts community.

The Central Coast Entertainment EXPO and Central Coast Showcase is a part of the vision and mission of the Central Coast Film Society, which is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. IRS Tax ID # 83-0787181.

Specific Objectives and Purpose of the Central Coast Film Society include:
a. To celebrate cinema and promote media arts and entertainment on California’s Central Coast.
b. To provide educational lectures, seminars and/or other platforms for Central Coast students from middle school to college.
c. To sponsor, host and/or participate in forums and/or screenings of films that have an impact on the Central Coast’s Community and Culture that may include:

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Finalists will be featured during a post screening Q&A to discuss filming on the Central Coast, as well as current and future projects. Finalists will have access to all daytime Entertainment EXPO activities, as well as the Industry Lounge and Luncheon.

Finalists will also receive two "Gold" tickets for the evening special event celebrating the 100th anniversary of Cecil B. Demille's "The Ten Commandments". Learn the history of silent films in the area, their impact on modern day films and then finish with a screening of the segment of the film shot in Guadalupe with a live music accompaniment.

General Rules for Film Submissions:

1) All films must be fun, entertaining and/or informative.
2) The submitter shall be the responsible party for their submission and subsequent screenings and other promotional material.
3) All films must have all proper clearances, rights and privileges for screening to the public. The work should be all original.
4) A short film is considered 0-40 minutes and a feature is considered 60+ minutes.
a. Documentary films will be comprised of both short and feature length films.
5) Films that are overly obscene, gratuitous or in bad taste will not be considered. No film should be rated more than the MPAA’s PG-13 rating. If the film is not yet rated, it must still be conforming to this rating rule.
6) Student Filmmakers must be a registered student at time of submission. One of the following must be included with submission:
a. Student applicants, with a designated education level (High School Year, College, etc.) must include teacher’s name, phone and e-mail contact. OR
7) The CCFS will not distinguish, judge or award films or filmmakers based on their gender, age, religion, or any other factors.

Overall Rating
  • Alexander Zauner

    I had a lot of fun at this festival, I had a short film in their showcase. I'm proud to be in their loop and looking forward to watching the community grow.

    November 2022
  • Awesome festival. Something the Central Coast needs!

    November 2022
  • What a great festival -- with many more to come! Perfect for us Central Coasters, with wonderful opportunities for networking with other filmmakers and creators in the area. Thank you so much to CCEE for selecting our film The Ask for screening -- the first time in public!

    November 2022