Central Alberta Film Festival (CAFF) is a not-for-profit cultural organization with a mission to educate, support and promote visual arts and cinema of Alberta & Canada. CAFF is a bridge between the audience, critics and the contemporary filmmakers who want to showcase and discuss their work.

This festival is a platform to incubate Canadian, Albertan and international talent. In a rapidly evolving film industry CAFF is a catalyst to enhance cinematic experience with excellence and support Canadian artistic values.

General guidelines for film submission

You must include a trailer for your submission

*By submitting your entry you are agreeing to allow CAFF to use your submission in promotional events for CAFF (example: CAFF screenings for Culture Days)

Short Films requirements:

Short Films are accepted for our 2020 festival.
Less than 40 minutes for Short Films.

Short Films must either tell a story, make a point, teach a lesson or provide information to the audience.

Be created by filmmakers aged 13 years or older.

Full-length feature films requirements:

Full length films are accepted for our 2020 festival.

Criteria are the same as Short Film Requirements however Feature Films must be a minimum of 40 minutes.

How to submit

Exclusively through FilmFreeway.

Submission Fee

$15 Early Bird, $25 Regular Deadline for shorts and $35 for features.  $45 for late entries, $65 for Extended Deadline

If you have any questions about CAFF or would like to make a film submission for one of our upcoming events, please contact us by email at info@cafilmfestival.ca or through the contact form. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Overall Rating
  • Jesse Pickett

    Great communication and a wonderful festival experience!

    October 2021
  • C. Blake Evernden

    A fantastic film festival. Very warm, receptive, personable and well mounted. Everyone was having a great time, great sense of humour, and genuine love of cinema. Great time.

    October 2021
  • Jason Steele

    Great festival. Beautiful awards ceremony. I have met several Alberta film makers at the festival, and have seen several films from all over the world. Looking forward to next year.

    October 2021
  • Preston Chase

    First and Foremost...Thank you so much for the official selection for my first film Mr.Emancipation: The Walter Perry Story. I highly recommend this festival and hopefully one day be there in person with my future project

    October 2021
  • Matthew Campanile

    It was a pleasure working with them! They put together a drive-in event due to the pandemic. I love that they made the best of the situation and came up with this creative solution! Looking forward to submitting here agian.

    November 2020