Cell Adore Film Festival is a new and exciting film festival which aims to promote and celebrate the magic of independent film and offer opportunities to filmmakers and film audiences like never before. Back for its second year, we want to include even more films this time around and hope to bring in an even bigger audience.

Our festival does not discriminate based on budget, experience, location or genre, so whether you have just made your first ever short film and it cost you nothing but blood, sweat and tears, or you have just crafted another in a long line of big budget shorts we will judge you all the same. It doesn't matter if you're into epic sci-fi, twisted horror, slapstick comedy or poetic romance, there is always a place for you at Cell Adore Film Festival.

With our event being online only, there is none of the exclusivity or restrictions you might find with other festivals. So filmmakers and film fans alike can support the indie film industry and celebrate innovative short filmmaking regardless of where you are in the world. Simply keep an eye out for our ticket release, grab yourself an entry code, and in October 2021 you will have unlimited access to a whole weekend of films without even having to leave the house.

The Cell Adore Film Festival is sponsored by JUMPCUT ONLINE, in association with JUMPCUT STUDIOS.

JURY PRIZE WINNER: The short film our panel of judges deem to be the pick of the crop will receive an extra special trophy to commemorate their victory, as well as the appropriate laurels. Alongside this, the winner will also win an extensive feature on the JumpCut Online and JumpCut Studios website, including a review of the film, interview with crew and cast, and other promotional packages on social media, up to and including the film’s wider release.

AUDIENCE PRIZE WINNER: Our audience will also be voting for their favourite short film throughout the weekend of the event, and the film with the best score at the end of the festival will receive a trophy and the appropriate laurels to celebrate this triumph. In addition, the winning film will also be featured on the JumpCut Online and JumpCut Studios website, with a review and interviews with cast and crew.

SPECIAL MENTION: With the diverse range of films we will be including in our festival, we want to give recognition to two short films from our selections that may have done extraordinary things with a small budget, or pushed the boundaries of genre with an experimental effort, or maybe a first-time filmmaker has shown real promise. Whatever the case, there’s a laurel in it for the winners of this award.

BEST DIRECTOR: At the head of any good production is a great director. We will be rewarding directors who are bold and brave in their filmmaking methods, who push their vision that little bit further and put their everything into creating something unique and exciting. The winner of this award will receive a trophy, the appropriate laurels and a feature on the JumpCut Online website.

BEST PERFORMANCE: We have decided to do away with gender acting categories for our festival, and simply seek out the best performance from any performer in a selected short film. The winner of this award will receive a trophy, a feature on the JumpCut Online website, and can probably expect a call from JumpCut Studios to star in their next film.

Our panel of judges have an eclectic and open-minded taste when it comes to film, and we truly do welcome all kinds of work - from dramas to documentaries, experimental films, student films, animation, action, adventure - you name it, we want to see it!

All that we ask is that you keep your film's runtime under 18 minutes, so that we can watch and include as many films as possible in our event.

It is also desirable that films have not been released online or elsewhere yet. Films that have been accepted into other film festivals are welcome, of course, but we want to maintain some excitement and exclusivity for our audience.

Your film should have been completed on or after 1st March 2019.

Overall Rating
  • Blank Shore Productions

    A brilliant young festival - so supportive and excited. They generate a lot of journalistic reviews which are wonderful for up and coming filmmakers.

    November 2021
  • I somehow had 2 films at CAFF2021, which was fun. The festival was well organised & incredibly affordable, so it's an unmissable opportunity. The organisers are really supportive & they work hard to promote the films & filmmakers on social media (although the proposed filmmakers' roundtable never materialised). I really do hope CAFF keeps growing. Give it a go!

    November 2021
  • Jennifer Bulcock

    Great event. Thanks for selecting my film.

    November 2021
  • Jayne Slater

    The runners of this festival are very accomodating and upkeep with communication. They are very present on SM too which allows you to connect with other filmmakers and have your film promoted to a wider audience.

    As this is an online festival; it can't really go beyond following other filmmakers on SM. An interesting improvement for this could be, as the festival gains more popularity, to have live Q&A sessions with filmmakers whose films have been shown that day. Before hand the filmmakers could speak to each other and get to know each other as a little networking session.

    Overall the festival was handled extremely well and it can only get better from here!

    April 2020
  • Adam Thomas Wright

    A fantastic festival: welcomed entertainment during a very difficult time for many. Hopefully this will continue for many years to come.

    April 2020