The Catharsis International Film Festival is an online film festival that wants to support filmmakers around the world. Categories go from short to feature, screenplay, music video, student short movie, commercial, pitches and animation. Each edition we have a guest judge with a lot of experience in the movie business. Every film that is selected to the festival will have a feedback from our judges.

For the second year, there is, besides a amount-price of $150,00, also a statue price for Best Short Fiction Shortfilm and Best Fiction Feature Film!!

New this year is the category of 'Web Series'!

Best Feature Film (fiction)
Best Feature Film (animation)
Best Short Film (fiction)
Best Short Film (animation)
Best Web Series
Best Music Video
Best Commercial
Best Student Short Film (feature and animation)
Best unproduced movie pitch (makes chance to be produced by the production company of Catharsis and the chance to pitch your pitch at Sony Pictures Entertainment, New Line Cinema, Warner Bros,...)
Best unproduced screenplay (makes chance to be produced by the production company of Catharsis)

1. Every submitted film has to pay an entry fee;
2. Entry fees aren't returned at not-selected films;
3. Films has to be finished after: 01/01/2021;
4. Films has to be subtitled in English;
5. Screenplays has to be unproduced and in English;
6. Pitches has to be unproduced and in English;
7. The entry fee for feature projects (fiction and animation) will be $50;
8. The entry fee for short film project (less than 30min, fiction and animation) will be $15;
9. The entry fee for Music Video will be $15;
10. The entry fee for Web Series will be $15;
11. The entry fee for Commercial will be $15;
12. The entry fee for Student Short Film will be $10;
13. The entry fee for unproduced screenplays will be $15;
14. The entry fee for unproduced pitch will be $10;
15. Each category has to have at least 3 submissions to take place;
16. The organization has the right to screen the winning short film online at it's website;
17. The submitter is the owner of the distribution rights from the films;
18. The festival result isn't discussable with the organization;
19. There is a Winning statue for the winner for Best Short Film and Best Feature Film.

Overall Rating
  • Vlad Ilicevici

    Unfortunately I couldn't find any info on this edition of the festival... Just a list of some films (some awarded, some not) on their website. I couldn't even find our film there. Not sure when/ how everything happened. No communication from the festival, just the filmfreeway automatic message when it was selected.

    March 2023
  • Ludwig Leidig

    Good to see this film festival attracting quality projects during these challenging times. All the best - Ludwig Leidig.

    March 2023
  • Hakan Ünal

    Great to be a part of it but I found that my script won the best prize on the web as there's no notice of me!! No email or something,!! weird!

    April 2022
  • Très honoré de voir le scénario de "Free" dans la sélection officielle! Je croise les doigts en attendant les résultats!!!!

    March 2022
  • I'm truly honored to have my drama/fantasy feature "The Seedling" and my horror feature "Faithful Shadow" as Official Selections in 2020! Thank you so much!

    October 2021