The Carolina Film Festival (CFF) is committed to enhancing the love of filmmaking by providing a platform where cinematic works from remarkable filmmakers are celebrated and awarded. We pride ourselves in having a unique appreciation for forward thinking and innovative filmmakers as well as individuals who dare to take the art to unprecedented levels. Our goal is to further inspire and motivate all artists from the top executive to the amateur film student and anyone in-between.

We welcome a diverse collection of ideas, cultures, and view points in the global film community. CFF is a platform to not only honor CFF nominees but to give all participants the opportunity to expand their network as well as develop their knowledge of the industry through various workshops and Q&A sessions with industry leading guests.

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Best Documentary Short

Best Music Video

Best Trailer

Best Student Short

Best Animated Short

Most Creative

Best Director

All entries should be sent via FilmFreeway. Please don't send discs (CDs, DVDs, BluRays) or any downloadable files to us directly, such as high resolution posters or other digital media. If your film is selected as a FINALIST, we will proudly mention it on our website ( All entries are non-refundable. After a film has been a Semi-Finalist, the filmmaker will be notified. Semi Finalist doesn’t automatically mean that your film will be screened at the festival (although it is highly likely that it will). It means that you are now eligible for the awards consideration and you can use the festival Laurel’s for your promotions. The Competition reserves the right to refuse entries

One film can be entered in multiple categories. Films entered in multiple categories may win multiple awards. Submission of Film Posters are not mandatory but highly recommended as we may list all the nominees on our website ( and the film posters is what we may use.

We reserve the right to make modifications to the event, programming and the categories to the festival.

By submitting to the festival you agree to abide by and commit to the following statement: "I authorize Carolina Film Festival to screen the film or video listed above, upon the film or video's acceptance Carolina Film Festival. For the purpose of the screenings I authorize Carolina Film Festival to market the film or video in whatever manner they see fit. I acknowledge that Carolina Film Festival holds the screening rights of the above listed film or video for Carolina Film Festival. I confirm that all other rights remain the sole property of myself and/or my nominated production company. I hereby confirm that all material used in the production of the film or video is the original work of myself or my nominated production company, or is work for which I or my nominated production company have obtained with releases, including but not limited to actors, performances and the musical score. I guarantee that I have obtained all the necessary permissions, licenses and clearances to enter this film or video into Carolina Film Festival, and that the film and the screening of the film by Carolina Film Festival, does not infringe the moral and ethical rights including copyright of any third party. I understand that my submission is in no way a guarantee of acceptance into Carolina Film Festival, and that nobody representing Carolina Film Festival has guaranteed my acceptance into the festival prior to this submission. I have read and agree to the general rules, terms and conditions of the Carolina Film Festival. I have also read and agree to any specific rules relating to the category that I am entering my film, video."
The entrant agrees that he or she will never assert against Carolina Film Festival any claim or action based on plagiarism, infringement, confidential or fiduciary relationship, implied contract, idea theft, unfair competition or any other theory arising in connection with their submission to Carolina Film Festival, and the entrant understands that Carolina Film Festival accepts no liability of any kind for the unauthorized use of all or part of such submissions by any person. In this regard, the entrant hereby absolutely releases and forever discharges Carolina Film Festival and its officers, employees, volunteers, judges, readers, affiliates, and associates, individually and collectively, of or from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, legal fees, expenses, debts, actions, and causes of action against Carolina Film Festival of every kind whatsoever, now and in the future, in connection with the entrant's submission.

Be advised that we will not be held responsible for any work that has not been copyrighted in advance by the submitter(s), nor will any submitted work be shared other than for the purpose of judging the submitted work.

Overall Rating
  • We attended the Carolina Film Festival and found it to be well organized and efficient. We had a great time. This was Carolina Film Festival’s Second year and we were highly impressed and expect great things for future festivals.

    October 2019
  • Rodney Stringfellow

    In addition to the high quality of films, I love how the Festival had a panel of filmmakers and NC Senator Paul Lowe.

    October 2019
  • Wojciech Garus

    I watched only on the internet. It looked really good!

    October 2019