Calling all filmmakers! We are thrilled to announce the inaugural Canterbury Comedy Short Film Awards, taking place on August 2nd, 2024. This is your chance to be part of a groundbreaking event that celebrates the art of comedic storytelling.

We invite you to submit your short comedy films to the Canterbury Comedy Short Film Awards. Show off your comedic brilliance and storytelling skills as we showcase the finest selection of humorous masterpieces at the prestigious Canterbury Riverside Curzon Cinema. This elegant venue offers a captivating ambiance that ensures a truly immersive and enjoyable cinematic experience. The fully stocked cocktail bar and restaurant lends to an unforgettable night.

Our panel of judges, along with comedy enthusiasts and industry experts, will be eagerly awaiting your submissions. This is a unique opportunity to have your work recognised and celebrated among the comedy filmmaking community.

As we embark on this laughter-filled journey, we encourage you to join us in making history as a part of the very first Canterbury Comedy Short Film Awards. Don't miss this chance to celebrate your creativity and comedic talent with fellow filmmakers and comedy enthusiasts alike.

Submit your film now and be a part of this exciting event that marks the beginning of a new era in comedy cinema. Let your comedic genius shine and be remembered as one of the pioneers of the Canterbury Comedy Short Film Awards. We can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

All finalists will recieve a certificate, a laurel and their film will be screened to a live cinema audience at the Canterbury Riverside Cinema

Best Comedy Short: Trophy, film screening, certificate and laurel.

Best Student Comedy Short: Trophy, films screening, certificate and laurel.

Best Comedy Screenplay: Trophy, film screening, certificate and laurel.

Best Student Comedy Screenplay: Trophy, film screening, certificate and laurel.

Best Comedy Actor/Actress: Trophy, film screening, certificate and laurel.

Best Student Comedy Actor/Actress: Trophy, film screening, certificate and laurel.

If finalists or winners are unable to attend the live awards ceremony, the prizes will be mailled worldwide at no extra cost.

Canterbury Comedy Short Film Awards
Festival Rules

Film Duration: Submissions for the festival must have a minimum duration of 5 minutes and a maximum duration of 15 minutes. This ensures that the films are concise and showcase the comedic storytelling within a specific timeframe.

Language Requirement: All films submitted must either be in English or come with hardcoded English subtitles. This allows for accessibility and ensures that the comedy and nuances of the films can be understood and appreciated by a diverse audience.

Comedy Genre: The festival exclusively accepts films within the comedy genre. We welcome a wide range of comedic styles, including but not limited to slapstick, satire, romantic comedy, dark comedy, and improvisational comedy. The primary objective is to entertain and elicit laughter from our audience.

Original Content: Submitted films must be original works created by the filmmakers. Any copyrighted material, including music, visuals, or dialogues, must be properly licensed or used within the guidelines of fair use.

Submission Format: We accept film submissions in digital format. Please ensure that the submitted films meet the technical specifications provided during the submission process. This ensures optimal screening quality during the festival.

Submission Deadline: The dates and deadlines are outlined on FilmFreeway. To be considered for the festival, all film submissions must be received by the specified deadlines. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Rights and Permissions: By submitting a film, filmmakers grant the festival the right to screen the film during the event and use excerpts or promotional materials for marketing and promotional purposes related to the festival. The filmmakers retain all rights to their work.

Judging and Selection: All films will go through a thorough selection process conducted by our panel of judges. The films will be evaluated based on various criteria, including comedic creativity, storytelling, technical execution, and overall entertainment value. Finalists will be selected and invited to the live awards night where their films will be screened and the winners will be announced. The decision of the judges is final.

Notification: Filmmakers whose submissions are selected for the festival will be notified by the July 2nd 2024. Details regarding scheduling, screenings, and awards will be communicated directly to the selected filmmakers.

Awards: The festival will present awards in various categories, recognizing outstanding achievements in comedy filmmaking. Award winners will be announced and celebrated during the awards ceremony. Category winners will be presented a trophy and all finalists will be presented with an official certificate and laurel. All finalists films will be screened to a live cinema audience in the prestigeous Curzon Riverside cinema. If the finalists or winners cannot attend the awards night, their trophy or certificate will be shipped out to them, free of charge.

We encourage all filmmakers to carefully review and adhere to the festival rules when submitting their films. These guidelines ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants and contribute to the success and integrity of the Canterbury Comedy Short Film Awards.

We are proud to present the following award categories for the Canterbury Comedy Short Film Awards:

Best Comedy Short: This category recognizes outstanding comedic storytelling in short films. From clever wit to uproarious laughter, this award honours the film that expertly balances humour and entertainment.

Best Student Comedy Short: Open exclusively to student filmmakers, this category celebrates emerging talent in the realm of comedy. We invite young creatives to showcase their comedic brilliance and compete for this prestigious award.

Best Comedy Actor/Actress: This category acknowledges the exceptional performances by actors who have brought comedic characters to life on the screen. From impeccable timing to captivating delivery, this award honors individuals who have mastered the art of making audiences laugh.

Best Student Comedy Actor/Actress: Exclusive to student actors, this category highlights promising talents in the field of comedy. We invite aspiring performers to showcase their comedic prowess and vie for recognition in this competitive category.

Best Comedy Screenplay: This category honours the brilliance behind the scenes—the skilled writers who have crafted exceptional comedic stories. From sharp dialogue to innovative plot twists, this award celebrates the art of comedic screenwriting.

Best Student Comedy Screenplay: Exclusively for student screenwriters, this category shines a spotlight on the next generation of comedic storytellers. We encourage young writers to unleash their creativity and submit their best written comedic films for consideration.

There is also an opportunity to submit your film to be considered in every catagory.