The Cannes Independent Film Festival is an online festival dedicated to low-budget indie filmmakers, running every May while the entire film industry gathers in Cannes, France.

CIFF is not at all connected with the Cannes Film Festival, but we run at the same time. 2023 will be our fourth year.

CIFF screens narrative features and documentaries, and short films in all genres.

Awards are given in all festival categories.

Entry Rules:
1. The Cannes Independent Film Festival is open to international films in one of the following categories:

Feature Film (Narrative or Documentary)

Short Film

Feature Screenplay

1. If selected to be showcased during the event, all screening copies must be received by April 30, 2022

2. Films which have been broadcast on Television, Cable or have had an international theatrical release prior to CIFF are NOT eligible for any competition but may be screened, out of competition.

3. All entrants certify that they have been given full rights to use any and all music in their films.

Award Categories:
1. All film entries will be considered for the Awards competition. Award winners will be selected by a panel of active film industry professionals. All films go through a screening process and are reviewed by at least two film industry professionals.

2. Winners agree to participate in the publicity for the Festival as well as other promotional events, including the website.

Accepted Filmmakers Or Screenwriters

1. Filmmakers or screenwriters accepted into CIFF – will receive the following:

2. CIFF nominees agree to participate in the publicity for the Festival as well as other promotional events, including website, social media, international press coverage and festival trailers.

Overall Rating
  • We're thrilled to have won Best Short Film for "Forgotten" !

    June 2022
  • Thank you so much to the CANNES INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL for accepting and showcasing our film, "Low Water Pressure". It was such an honour to have been selected and we are so humbled to have won the audience award. Thank you to everyone who watched and voted it means so much. It was an excellent experience and we cannot wait to come back for the next one.

    June 2022
  • Isabel Rivero-Vilá

    Thank you so much for a great festival and for the Best Documentary Feature award for my film "Afrykas and the magic box". It has been an absolute honor to participate in your festival. I wish you all the best for another successful edition.

    May 2022
  • Lorien Haynes

    Dear Paul from the - Everything I Ever Wanted To Tell My Daughter About Men - team.
    We are so incredibly grateful to you for your support and for this amazing win. I can’t tell you how much of a difference it makes. Especially for a film involving so many people and a film that is there to serve a social purpose. We all know how much work is involved in making any film and in the continued commitment to trying to keep it alive and this is encouragement at a time when it is dearly needed. With tremendous gratitude - Lorien

    May 2022
  • Such an amazing event and group of people who coordinate. It was such a fun time watching all of the wonderful movies that were officially selected. If you have a feature film or a short film, SUBMIT! :) Thank you for an amazing event! Definitely recommended.

    May 2022