"CAGLIARI ESSAY FILM" COMPETITION aims to create a bridge between the visions of local and international authors from different generations, places and social realities; and to promote their dialogue upon the essay film.

"CAGLIARI ESSAY FILM" COMPETITION is part of the film festival "The Days of the Essay Film" promoted by the association "Creative Factory," a center of aggregation for contemporary creativity, based in Cagliari, Italy.

The film festival "CAGLIARI ESSAY FILM - The days of the film essay" consists of 7 weekly appointments of film screenings on some of the most recent and innovative works of the film essay. During the last evening of screenings, the finalists of the Competition will be publicly announced.

The winners will be announced on December 16 during the final awards night in presence of the juries and the audience. The event will also be broadcasted online via live social media.

The finalist short films will be screened during the award night of the Competition in the presence of the Jury, the Audience and the Finalists on December 16, 2023. Creative Factory organization will inform participants on time about their admission or exclusion to the final stage of the Competition.

The following prizes will be awarded at the sole discretion of the Jury:

"International" Prize for the best short film chosen by the Young Jury worth 500 euros;

"International" Prize for the best short film chosen by the Expert Jury worth 500 euros.

"Island" Prize for the best short film chosen by the Expert Jury worth 500 euros;

It is at the sole discretion of the Jury to award additional mentions or decide whether to share the prizes.

Submission is open to published or unpublished works dated NOT before January 1, 2020. Any format and technique is allowed. Yet should they have the characteristics of "essay film".

Participation to other festivals or competition must be indicated. Acceptance is submitted to the decision of the prize selection committee.

The categories of participation are as follows:

- International
The competitive section is dedicated to any work of artistic value of national or international authors without any thematic or geographical boundary. Should they be able to explore cinematographic and audiovisual language through innovative forms and stylistic solutions.

- Island
The competitive section is dedicated to any work of artistic value, of any author born, domiciled or resident in Sardinia, published or unpublished , without any thematic or geographical boundary.
Works by non-residents or non-native Sardinian authors are also eligible, without geographical boundary, if they have Sardinia as their location and/or main theme.

An author may compete in both categories (if he or she meets the requirements) and may submit multiple works in each category. However, only one work may be eligible for the final selection. In this case, the works submitted must be different from each other.

A participation fee is required for each work submitted (see point 6 of the rules).

The length of works must be less than 30 minutes, including titles.

Subtitles are not mandatory for works whose main language is Italian (although English subtitles are recommended).

Works in any other language must be provided with English and/or Italian subtitles.
The finalist short films must be provided with English and/or Italian subtitles.

There is an entry fee to participate at the competition.

The deadline for submission of works is November 21, 2023 11:59 p.m. for a fee of 8 euros.

Participation implies full acceptance of these rules. In order to participate, it is necessary and mandatory to register through the Filmfreeway platform (https://filmfreeway.com/CagliariEssayFilm) by which the payment of the registration fee must also be made.

Only works regularly submitted by the deadline are admitted to the competition. Admission is decided, at the sole and final judgment, by the Selection Committee of the Prize. Authors will be notified of their selection in the competition by November 25, 2023.
Screening copies (ProRes or DCP) of selected works must be received by December 7, 2023.

Winners will be determined by two juries composed as follows:

- Expert Jury, composed of three professionals with proven and many years of experience in the field;

- Youth Jury, composed of 10 boys and girls between 16 and 35.

By registering for the Prize, the participating filmmaker explicitly authorizes the organizers to the publication of texts and photos in the catalog, communication channels, the competition website and the screening of selected short films on the final evening and other parallel evenings promoted by the Creative Factory Association for exclusively cultural, non- commercial purposes, of which the author will be informed in advance. Further details on the organization of the final evening will be communicated by e-mail. There is no fee (copy rental) for films invited to the Competition.


By signing the entry form, the participating filmmaker:
- declares that the work submitted does not violate any applicable laws and regulations or the rights of third parties, including copyrights;
- releases the organization from all losses, damages, liabilities, costs and charges of any nature whatsoever that may be incurred as a result of the content of its work and its public screening;
- declares that he/she irrevocably waives all claims and actions, demands or recourse against the organizers of the Contest, the members of the Jury, and all persons in any capacity involved in the Contest and hereby releases them from all liability in this regard.

Any dispute arising in connection with the dealings covered by these rules shall be referred to the judgment of an arbitration board, consisting of three members, of whom:
a) one, acting as chairman of the arbitration panel, appointed by the Competition Organization;
b) one appointed by the contestant;
c) one appointed by mutual agreement by the subjects mentioned in the two previous points a) and b) or, in absence of agreement, by the President of the Court of Cagliari. For any exception not covered by these rules, the Competition Organization reserves the right to make final decisions.

Creative Factory (https://www.cagliaricreativefactory.com/) is an aggregation center for contemporary creativity, based in Cagliari (Italy), equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, where creative people can work, create and learn new techniques.

The association was founded primarily with the purpose of creating an exchange between artists, territory and community, in order to promote actions that are expressly aimed at enhancing the territory of Cagliari and Sardinia as a whole.

CONTACTS info@cagliaricreativefactory.com


1) Can I use animation as a technique for the film essay?
Yes, animation is permitted, as far as the characteristics of the essay film are respected.

2) Can I talk about personal issues in the essay film?
Yes. The essay film can also have the characteristics of a diary film, when the themes dealt with mainly concern the author's life experience, through a personal, intimate, private slant.

3) If I am born/resident/domiciled in Sardinia, can I participate in the "International" category?
Yes, without geographical and/or thematic constraints.

4) If I am NOT born/resident/domiciled in Sardinia can I participate in the "Island" category?
Yes, as long as the work has Sardinia as its location and/or main theme.

5) If I am born/resident/domiciled in Sardinia and want to compete in the "Island" category, do I have to talk about Sardinia or set the short film in Sardinia?
No, works made by authors born, domiciled or resident in Sardinia can compete in the "Island" category without thematic or location constraints.

6) What exactly does "only one work can be eligible for the final selection" mean?
Each author can enter multiple works in each category. For example, the author can enter 3 works: two in one category and one in the other. However, it is NOT possible to be selected as a finalist in BOTH categories, but only in one.