CINEMA OF NATIONS ENCOUNTER is a contest for all nations of the world to compete for the best film of the year. Organised by the World Cinema Alliance e.V, an initiative of world famous filmmakers and professionals supporting the idea of cinema as a creative expression of the world cultural identity and diversity.

Filmmakers from every country, from every continent, from every community, have long faced the dangers of the hegemony of a few major production and distribution companies dictating their majority tastes to cinemas around the world.

The action of true creators-authors in all areas of the process of making films, works as well as the bursting of new digital technologies have removed the threat of standardization of what many speakers still call the "film product" as if it were a commodity like any other.
More and more filmmakers and screenwriters around the world want to create original and personal works, and lowering the cost of digital technology opens new avenues for expression, freed from the dictates of funding.

However, the other side of the coin, digital, the basis of the information society and the convergence of the media, also represents two major threats to cinematographic works. First of all the piracy then the fact that for certain group of media the cinema is only an entertainment and, as such, it can be the subject of any manipulation: shortening, sausage, various cuts ( advertising or information), broadcasting conditions on any medium (eg micro-screen mobile phone); all manipulations that increase the risk of piracy.

These groups, who have not hesitated to transform musical works into a telephone ring and to colorize black and white masterpieces, will not hesitate to turn cinematographic works into "audiovisual gadgets" in defiance of all respect. the will of the filmmakers and under the pretext of financial profitability of the works.

It is to fight against this "gadgetisation" of the cinema and to protect the freedom, the creativity and the diversity of the filmmakers that was founded "Alliance of the world cinema", at the festival of Venice in 2006.

As part of the VIIth Symposium on European Film and Audiovisual Policy to be held on the Island of Ischia at the Villa Luchino Visconti Foundation in the Bay of Naples, the World Film Alliance will invite around 50 of filmmakers from five continents to reflect, participate, debate and express themselves during working days on the theme: "Creativity of cinema, engine of the new economy and cultural diversity in Europe and in the world", from 12 to May 14, 2007, a few days before the opening of the Cannes Film Festival.
During these days, we will also discuss the free movement of films around the world in the face of globalization and new technologies.
We will also discuss the urgency of developing image education from childhood to avoid the manipulation of young spectators to "all entertainment".

"The Alliance of World Cinema" to
"Cineuropa 2007" in Naples and Ischia