The British Animation Awards (the BAAs) are back in 2022.
The event will be held on Thursday March 10th 2022.
The awards event occurs every two years.

There are a wide range of award categories for 2022. Feel free to take a look.
The British Animation Awards promotes and celebrates the best in animation from the four home nations of the UK. The BAAs work hard to ensure the art-form is supported, promoted and celebrated in the way it deserves.
The BAA prizes are unique works of art made by outstanding artists and animators working in the creative industries and are truly one of a kind.
The short awards ceremony is followed by a memorable, fun party.
The great and the good from all corners of the UK come together to celebrate the remarkable achievements they and others have made over the last two years.
Attendees include UK broadcasters, software companies, animation studios and companies, ad agency creatives, VOD companies, post-production houses, bankers, lawyers, others involved in the entertainment business and jury members who include influential figures from the creative industries e.g writers, actors, gallery/ museum curators and art critics.

Key facts about the BAA's...
We target regional productions from the home nations (Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England)
The public can vote in the Public Choice category
The ceremony is presented by a celebrity compere
All the judges and juries are fiercely independent
The BAA's provoke, stimulate and incite debate about animation

The BAA objectives are...
To celebrate the people and productions of the UK animation industry
Raise awareness and award animated work created in the past two years
Provide the industry with an unrivalled ‘must-attend’ event
Build a community of animators; both followers and contributors
Connect the industry
Have Fun!

Awards & Prize Artworks
The unique BAA prizes are made by a diverse range of talented artists, filmmakers, illustrators and animators.
Most of the artwork has a sheep theme to relate to the BAA acronym.

Rules and Terms

The deadline for entering is 7pm GMT Friday 29th October 2021.
Submissions in all categories made after this date may not be considered and submission fee refund cannot be made.

BAA Notifications ** important **

BAA will notify the submitter of the progress of their submission(s) directly via email.
This will originate from a BAA team “” address.
BAA uses FilmFreeway as the main submissions portal service and some notifications will originate from FilmFreeway, however, any and all communications by email from the festival team will override and take final authority over FilmFreeway notifications. In all cases BAA will notify the submitter of the successful shortlisted/nominated production in the relevant category or categories directly.
We regret that we cannot inform all entrants individually if their film has not made the shortlist/nomination/finalist stage.

1. Definitions:
British Animation Awards Limited (“BAAL”) organises the British Animation Awards (“the BAAs”).
"British" means a production whose main creative and entrepreneurial impetus is UK based, director or producer is resident in the UK, and whose production company is UK-registered. i.e. without UK-based creative impetus, the work would not exist!
"Qualifying Production Period" means a film or production whose copyright notice bears the date 2020 or 2021.
“Animation” means a frame-by-frame produced sequence of handmade/handcrafted still images made through various methods that appear to move when played in real-time.

2. Entries:
Entry Forms/Submissions to all categories must be fully completed and paid for (if applicable), by 7pm GMT on October 29th 2021.
We regret that we cannot inform all entrants individually if their film has not made the shortlist.
Submitter(s) must have full permission and rights to submit the works for both visual image and audio.

3. Categories:
Only films relevant to the nineteen Open Entry Categories may be entered.
The Public Choice Award and the Children’s Award are the only non-jury decided awards.
The films selected for the Public Choice Award will be mainly shortlisted from the short film and music video submissions categories. Some films may originate from other submission categories. This will be at BAAs discretion.

The films selected for Public Choice Award will be available online for a given period of time in early 2022 as specified on the BAA website.
Subscribers to this award will be allowed to vote once only for their chosen favourite film for this award. Once the subscriber’s single vote is made it cannot be changed and is irreversible.

BAAL reserves the right to reassign a film to a different category in the best interests of the entrant. In this event the submitter will be advised.

4. Restrictions:
All Films entered for Open Entry, must be British as defined in Clause 1.

5. Liabilities of BAAL:
BAAL shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss, whether direct or consequential, or damage to preview and judging material, or any other material submitted or dispatched to BAAL by entrants. BAAL shall not be liable for errors or omissions in any printed matter published or circulated relating to the BAAs.
BAAL shall not be liable for any loss or damages caused by submissions made without the correct authorities and permissions in place (such as copyright) with the submitter and the submitted works.

6. Material for Judging, Screening and Promotion:
Any submitted production that is selected/shortlisted/nominated will be known as a finalist. Entrants will be asked to provide high quality viewing material and the BAAs may use extracted clips, up to 40” (maximum), for promotional use across all established media. Entries to the Best Short Film and Best Music Video and films selected for the Public Choice Awards categories must give permission for the online screening of the film(s), and for promotional use of clips, and be free and able to do so, in respect of the rights holders.

7. Pre-selection, Judging, Jury Decisions and Enforcement of Regulations:
The decisions of the pre-selection committees, judges, jury members, BAA director and the management group appointed by BAAL shall be final and no correspondence by any means of communication shall be entered into with entrants, or other persons, seeking to challenge or dispute those decisions.
BAAL reserves the right to waive, change or otherwise reconstruct these Rules and Regulations in the best interests of the competition.

8. Shortlist
All entries in all categories (with the exception of Public Choice and Children’s Jury) will go through a pre-selection jury process to produce a shortlist for each category. The shortlist goes to a secondary final jury. The juries for each category then determine the finalists (also known as the ‘nominees’) along with the category winner.

Overall Rating
  • Ben Jackson

    The team at the BAAs are extremely helpful, communication throughout was great, and they put on a fantastic and really well organised event.

    The BAAs are so special. It was a night to remember!

    We were extremely proud and honored to be nominated for an award.

    March 2022