BRITISH ANIMATION AWARDS (a.k.a. the BAAs) have announced a brand new category, THE LAMB AWARD for 2020!

Do you have a rising star(s) in your UK studio?

A UK studio has to endorse and nominate an individual, this isn't open to an individual nominating themselves. A studio can nominate as many individuals as they wish...but please note every submission requires to be set up as a new project on FilmFreeway.

The Lamb Award is sponsored by Disney and bridges the gap between current categories which recognise student achievements and general best-in-class awards, and is open to any young professionals working in the animation and VFX industry. The entrants will be judged by a panel of experts and the winner will be announced on 12th March at the 13th edition of the biennial awards, which is being held at the BFI in London.

This category requires a simple application process, via FilmFreeway.

We think the ideal candidate for this award is someone with over 12 months but under 5 years experience and is showing great future potential, having an industry accolade to their name already is a good sign for this. The industry of animation and/or VFX is the definition. This will warrant someone having a few credits within the role nominated and we require a testimonial from 2 references to endorse this please.

The minimum requirement for this application needs to consist of:
a) An endorsed letter from the studio " We would like to nominate.....because.."
b) Two testimonials from named references, this can be written as a separate document or on the letter from the studio
c) Uploaded CV/ Biography, a showreel or links to work, portfolio or photos
d) A personal statement from the nominated person- a short 50- 80 words is perfect

All roles are eligible throughout a studio- Development; Pre-Production; Production; Post-Production. We are not specifying as we don't wish to miss anyone out....

The deadline for applying is 7pm Monday 17th February 2020.

The BAAs are back in 2020! The event will be held on March 12th 2020

Please note: We are now closed for our all our other categories, only The LAMB award is open!

Advice on entering: If you have more than one candidate to nominate YOU HAVE TO CREATE A NEW PROJECT (each candidate) for The LAMB award- hope this makes sense.

Children’s Choice Award
Children’s Choice is judged by a panel of children who select from finalists in the children’s categories.

Public Choice
A selection of BAA Entries are shown in 3 different programmes at cinemas across the UK in Jan-Feb 2020, at which audiences vote for their favourites in various categories. Please visit the main BAA website to see the list of venues and dates.

*ENTRY IS FREE for The LAMB award category.

The British Animation Awards (BAA) are passionate about animation and ensuring our art form is supported, credited, promoted and gets celebrated the way it deserves. The unique prizes which are 'one-off' pieces of art, produced by some of the best artists and animators working in the creative industries, are a testament to the passion we all share.

There is a short awards ceremony followed by a memorable, fun party. Meet like-minded people from our industry who come together to reward some of the most innovative and creative work being produced.

UK broadcasters, software companies, animation studios and companies, ad agency creatives, web companies, post-production houses, bankers, lawyers, others involved in the entertainment business and jury members who include influential figures from the industry e.g writers, actors, gallery/ museum curators and art critics.

Key things to know about the BAA's...
We will be targeting more regional input
The public can vote on the Public Choice category
The ceremony is presented by a celebrity compere
All the judges and juries are independent
The BAA's provoke, stimulate and incite debate about animation

The Awards ceremony in numbers...
The Audience is over 450
241 unique awards have been given out since 1996
The BAA's are in their twenties!

Our objectives are...
To celebrate the animation industry
Generate awareness of and award the amazing work created in the past two years
Provide the industry with an event where they need to be seen
Create a community of fellow animators, both followers and contributors
Connect the industry
Fun environment

Thank Ewe!

The highly desirable,unique prizes are revered animators and film makers. It's a measure of BAA's reputation and the esteem in which British Animation is held worldwide, that our unique prizes of individual signed artworks are made by fellow distinguished animators Tim burton, Mark Baker, Sylvain Chomet, several Oscar-winners including Nick Park & Michael Dudok de Wit, number amongst our 'BAA artists'.

All the artwork has a sheep theme, as the abbreviation for the awards is BAA's (the sound a sheep makes....)

The LAMB award is free to enter.

The deadline for entering is 7pm Monday 17th February 2020

BAA other categories- We are closed for all other categories. We are still judging these categories and submitter will know by end of January. There was a viewing fee attached to certain categories. For the 2020 ceremony, it is taking place in London, March 12th 2020

1. Definitions:
British Animation Awards Limited (BAAL) organise British Animation Awards (BAA).
"British" means a production whose main creative and entrepreneurial impetus is UK based, director or producer is resident in the UK, and whose production company is UK-registered. i.e. without UK-based creative impetus, the work would not exist!
"Qualifying Production Period" means a Film whose copyright notice bears the date 2018 or 2019

2. Entries:
Entry Forms/Submissions to the LAMB Award must be fully completed, to arrive no later than 7pm on February 17th 2020

The other BAA categories- previous information relating to categories- October 31st 2019 for Earlybird entry fee discount. Final deadline is Nov 30, full fees will apply.

Entry formats for Expanded animation: please check website for entry format details.
We regret that we cannot inform all entrants individually if their film has not made the shortlist.

3. Categories:
Only those films as defined in Open Entry Categories may be entered. Audiences attending Public Choice screenings (selected from Open Entry) will vote for Public Choice Awards. BAA Ltd reserves the right to reassign a film to a different category in the best interests of the entrant. If an exceptional number of high quality entries are received, the category may be split into two or more separate categories.

4. Restrictions:
All Films entered for Open Entry, must be British as defined in Clause 1. All other restrictions, which apply to all categories, will be those detailed on page 3.

5. Liabilities of BAA Ltd:
BAA Ltd. shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss, whether direct or consequential, or damage to preview and judging material, or any other material submitted or dispatched to BAA Ltd by Entrants. BAA Ltd shall not be liable for errors or omissions in any printed matter published or circulated relating to BAA.

6. Material for Judging, Screening and Promotion:
If your work becomes a finalist, entrants will be asked to provide high quality viewing material and BAA may use clips, usually 30-40” max, for promotional use on broadcast television and radio. Entrants to Short Film, Music Video categories must give permission for the public screening of entered Films, and for all entrants promotional broadcast use of clips, and be free and able to do so, in respect of the rights holders.

7. Pre-selection, Judging, Jury Decisions and Enforcement of Regulations:
The decisions of the Pre-selection Committees, Judges, Juries, Director and the Management Group appointed by BAA Ltd shall be final and no correspondence, telephone calls, fax or other communication shall be entered into with Entrants, or other persons, seeking to challenge or dispute those decisions. BAA Ltd reserves the right to waive, change or otherwise reconstruct these Rules and Regulations in the best interests of the competition.

8. Shortlist
All entries will be will go through a pre-selection jury process, which then results in a shortlist going to each category’s final jury, who choose three finalists, of which one is a winner.