Welcome to the first Bloody Flicks Awards!
We're looking for the best and brightest in independent horror and cult cinema to submit your films and short stories.

Remember the legendary John Carpenter made his mark with a student film, so if you are student/amateur filmmaker and have something original to showcase - this is the festival for you!
We value creativity most of all, so scare, gross us out and shock us!

We have 7 awards on offer, the only ruls we have are that your submission is the film needs to be 30 minutes or under and your short story must be less than 30,000 words.
Please note this is an online Film Festival with winners received their awards post-announcements.

Best Film
Best Foreign Film
Best Director
Best Actor/Actress
Best Special Effects
Best Music
Best Short Story

Submissions will open on 30th July 2018 and close on 28th February 2019.
If you are submitting a foreign film we do ask you provide English subtitles.

Voting on awards will be done by a committee with winners announced 30th March 2019.
Each winner will receive a commemorative award trophy.

We ask that all submissions also agree for Bloody Flicks Awards to use stills from the film in promotional social media posts to advertise the festival.

There is no limit on the amount of films you submit.

Submissions are only made through FilmFreeWay.

We ask that file format of the screener be private links or downloadable.
For short stories we ask files to be submitted in PDF, Word documents, Kindle or Mobi formats and be no longer than 30,000 words.

Please note all submissions are subject to fees and these are non-refundable and final.