A showcase of the best of black and white movies and screenplays in the modern era!

Festival will occur every single month.

This festival was created to celebrate the black and white aesthetics as a specific, peculiar and unique kind of artistic expression on film and video.

It also intends to showcase screenplays that the author visions is in B & W.

The image capture in the digital technology is born with colors but the artist's intuition often urges for the black and white production. This proves the newness and interest in an aesthetic that can only be communicated through black and white.

We will showcase a new festival every 3 months.

Films receive an audience feedback video of their film at the festival worth $200 in value.

All screenplays receive full feedback on their script. Winners get their work performed by professional actors and made into a promotional video.

We only accept films that are Black & White. And screenplays designed to be films in black and white.

NOTE: We accept films that are 51% in black and white. Some films can have color images as long as B&W is the main focal point.

Overall Rating
  • Having my film selected for the Black & White Film Festival was an honor and winning Best Direction was a great surprise for the new year. I loved my experience with the Black & White Festival. Everyone was super communicative and the feedback was extremely helpful. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

    January 2022
  • Rita Raucci

    This festival was amazing! We loved their care for communication and, definitely, the visibility you gave to the winners is outstanding.

    December 2021
  • Having my film selected for the B&W Festival was a delightful surprise. Sharing images and sounds with people from far away is always a learning experience. The festival's communication is great and we all feel welcomed by the organization. Long live the Festival!

    December 2021
  • Exceptional festival, so lovely to get a broad range and very articulate and descriptive feedback.

    November 2021
  • Joe Chang

    I am happy with the participations in this film festival and of course proud that my animated short film 'I am not an Angel ' won the Best Sound & Music audience award on October!

    November 2021