Berlin Revolution Film Festival is an annual event where we promote and celebrate films not tied to big production companies, institutions or TV stations.

We look for unconventional auteur-driven films made with a personal voice and style. Simply put – we're looking for the next generation Art House!

We first and foremost seek bravery, a lust to experiment and express using the medium film, regardless if the film maker is an amateur starting out or an established professional.

Experimental, Fiction, Documentary, Animation and all sorts of genres – anything goes as long as the banner of Independence is held high. Attention in the selection process will be given to artistic originality and creativity.

Participating at the festival should be a valuable experience, and something film makers look forward to return to. To encourage and support this we provide accommodation to all selected film makers in Berlin for the Festival.

We also invite and pay for accommodation for film organizations attending the festival such as film critics, festivals, film clubs, producers etc that have focus on True Independent Cinema. All to make it a both friendly, relaxed and valuable experience for everyone attending.

So far we have screened hundreds of films from more than 50 different countries such as Brazil, Iran, USA, Russia, Sweden, Lebanon, Tunisia and of course Germany to name a few. We've also been blessed to have film makers visiting the festival from many of these countries.

We work to establish a platform that isn't than just a "one and done" event, but rather the opposite where the first experience with screenings, meetings, networking and fun is just the first of many to come. We work to make it a festival film makers return to - to show their new works but also to meet up with others they met the first time around, to see what they have done and to discover new films, meet new people to network and have fun with.


We have no hard rules, but the following tend not to be a good fit for us:
- Films that seek to educate and teach the viewers
- TV-format films and headshot interview based documentaries
- Music videos and films solely driven by soundtrack

We spend months carefully watching and programming our festival selection. Presenting the best possible program we can is what our festival is built upon. Submitting to the festival is to pay to have the film considered and is not a guarantee to have it selected. We receive hundreds of submissions each edition and only around 5% are selected. Please make sure that you wish to submit before doing so.


Best Feature Film
Best Short Film

Please take a moment to read our Rules & Terms before submitting!

-There is no limit as to how many films a Film Maker can submit. However, each film can only be submitted once in one single category. If your film is suiting in more than one category, then please choose the one you find most suiting.

-Completion date does not influence the submission selection.

-Previous Festival history for the Film does not influence the submission selection. Neither Films displayed in multiple festivals nor World premieres are given priority.

-Please make sure that your submission includes a Film Synopsis a Director Biography and a still photo from the film as these are needed to produce the Film Festival Catalogue.

-No refunds.

- The sender of the submitted film is responsible for all copyrights. The applicant is legally authorized to enter the film in the festival and, if selected for the festival, authorized to give screening permission.

-The applicant has secured all necessary rights for both picture and sound, and exhibition will not violate or infringe upon any rights, including but not limited to music, images, and content.

-If selected for the festival the applicant acknowledges and agrees that the film will be displayed in front of a live audience.

-The film remains the property of the author.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you Andrija for organizing this wonderful festival and for selecting our film El Viaje. It was a pleasure to be there and to see films that were sharp, sensitive and of great quality. I have fond memories of it and will be back with pleasure.

    November 2023

    Great Festival! great Program and Guests! hope to meet the curators again and be part of next edition!

    July 2022
  • Sean Waple

    The BRFF team curated a great festival and were very communicative. We are thrilled to have been involved.

    May 2021
  • Great Festival and nice people :)

    May 2021
  • Gerrit Kuge

    The organizers are just the best!
    You can feel that they not only care for films, but also for the people making them. The communication is as clear as it can be and they are very friendly and helpful.

    And even with the drawbacks a Covid-times-online-festival has, they've created a strong atmosphere of consistency and continuity in the programm.

    Also - the programming focuses more on illusive and opaque films (as far as I saw it) which is rare in Germany and a welcome change from so many other festivals.

    May 2021