**We do not except Films Between 30-50 minutes **

Banaras Film Festival is the perfect platform to display the capabilities and creativity of filmmakers.

We are looking for anything and everything impactful. ranging from goofy comedies to eye opening documentaries to nail biting dramas. Our goal is to discover the films that were made on weekends, breaks, and in between classes; as well as bring student filmmakers, friends and family together.

2020 will mark the 3rd annual Banaras Film Festival. Festival will screen its first selection of feature films and short film on 15 march 2020 in Holy city Banaras on the bank of Maa Ganga.

The main Award for BFF is "Golden Rudraksha Award" which is given to best entertainer film of any length.

*** Golden Rudraksha Award *** - Special best entertainer film
Four more Award will be given to feature & short length films
*Best International Feature Film
*Best Indian Feature Film
*Best international Short Film
*Best Indian Short Film

Banaras Film Festival welcomes feature-length works and shorts.
- All films must be submitted by 4TH March 2020
- All feature films must be more than 50 minutes
- All Short films must be 1-30 minutes.
- There is no restriction to the subject of the film
- Stock music must have proper credit given to the artist.
- By submitting to the Banaras Film Festival you hereby grant the Banaras Film Festival
the right to Screen your Film in film festival.

** all films will be eligible to Golden Rudraksha Award **

Overall Rating
  • Ramakrishna B

    Thanks for your encouragement and keep up the good work team!

    March 2020
  • 도회 박

    It`s the best film festival in the world !!!

    March 2020
  • Apparently my film “Wakefulness” was selected, but I didn’t hear a peep from anyone from the festival after the fact ...

    January 2020
    Response from festival:

    May we know your film name?

  • Our Film we WON Best International Film at Banaras Film Festival 2019.

    We would like to express our heartfelt special thanks and gratitude to Ranbir Singh 'Festival Director' for programming our film and allowing our team to succeed in our venture. We are very thankful to this award, again thank you for the love and uniting the world. Great festival with great communication and outstanding hospitality. I am very thankful I submitted.

    Thank you, thank so much, we appreciated it. From our team,
    Mani Nasry, Robert Jackson, Alejandro Leopardi, Janal Bechthold, Matt Dunkley, Martin Phipps, L Apu Rozario, Bai Zhou, Justin German, Bill Angst, Daniela Gonzalez, Ashley O'Gorman, Shwayta Sharma, Steph Carrier, Kristi McIntyre, Cailey Milito, Eric Taylor, Glen Castinho, Kevin Banks, Jay Johnson,
    Juliusz Wojciechowski, Shiva Negar, Cory Lee
    Sera Lys
    Humberly Gonzalez
    Lara Daans
    Anita La Selva
    Janice Kingsley
    Brandon Ludwig
    Shauna Bonaduce
    Juan Carlos Velis
    Alan C. Peterson
    Gabe Grey
    and many many other cast and crew who made this film happen.
    Special Thanks to ACTRA, DGC and AFBS.

    Trailer, Cast, Crew, Synopsis.

    This is film is about breaking barriers between us and uniting the world, not passing a judgment because of a person's skin tone.

    The purpose of this film is to showcase people from different cultures in leading roles.

    July 2019
  • Shefali singh Soni

    Our film won Best Film in Indian Short Film Category at Banaras Film Festival. I am so happy to be a part of this festival. Thank you for giving our film this platform. Your team conducted it very well. Congratulations to you and your team. Cheers ☺

    July 2019