An awesome festival for awesome filmmakers and screenwriters! We accept a wide range of Features, Shorts and Screenplays across various categories from Comedy to Drama to Horror and more!

EVERY ENTRY receives an OFFICIAL SELECTION LAUREL- because finishing a film or script means you're AWESOME!

Entered Films and Screenplays have the opportunity to receive valuable Feedback from writers who have been Winners/Finalists in the Nicholl Fellowship, Screencraft, ISA Development Slate, Filmmatic InRoads Fellowship and Scriptapalooza competitions, as well as award winning filmmakers.

The Awesome Film Festival is focussed on giving filmmakers an opportunity for first class feedback and promotional materials to get their work noticed.

Because you're awesome!

ALL ENTRIES IMMEDIATELY RECEIVE AN OFFICIAL SELECTION Laurel for your poster and promotional materials.

WINNERS receive a live Q&A regarding their project.
Online filmmakers roundtable
Publicity materials

- Films have no completion date requirement
- Films have no PREMIERE requirement
- No Screening Waivers
- All films must be submitted in English language or with English subtitles
- Online Screeners only for submission
- Screening requirements are Bluray or DVD
- Workprints are allowed (but please tell us what's being worked on and when it will be completed)
- By submitting to a category you agree to allow the AFF use of your film and promotional materials in our promotional materials and permission to screen your film at the Awesome Film Festival if it is selected as a Winner
- By submitting to us you agree to the terms and conditions and to receiving marketing newsletters and discounts about the Awesome Film Festival
We will never sell your information to 3rd parties.

Overall Rating
  • I enjoyed Awesome Film Festival. I felt honored to be selected to be a participant. They were great all around.

    May 2023
  • WNRM Wins Awesome Film Festival’s Best Feature Film—Comedy Category

    Blake and I are on Awesome Film Festival’s (AFF) Zoom award ceremony.

    Finalists from around the nation are participating.

    This is Awesome’s Film Festival attempt to replicate the Academy Awards via Zoom.

    And they pull it off.

    Their master of ceremonies is a pro. He moves smoothly through the process.

    I think, “He’s relaxed. Of course he is, he doesn’t have a horse in the race.”

    Suspense fills the air as we wait to find out if we won.

    And I give AFF credit. They’re going the extra mile to make the finalists feel special. This Zoom ceremony is special. They’re giving these filmmakers a chance to talk about their creative process—the who, what, when, where, why and how they made their film.

    And I love listening to Blake talk about the making of “We Need Rent Money.”

    And the other directors have interesting tales on how they made their movies.

    But I am anxious.

    Losing is embarrassing—especially when you’re on Zoom.

    And I, like a wine connoisseur who knows the taste of a good blend, am an expert on the taste embarrassment.

    Then I focus in on Blake’s face, he seems nervous too.

    You guessed it—the comedy category is at the end of the list of announced winners.

    I sit on my hands to avoid biting my nails.

    When I hear the magic words, “Winner for Best Comedy Feature film goes to “We Need Rent Money.”

    I breathe a sigh of relief as a smile grows across my face; my blood pressure drops back to a normal range.

    I hear Blake say, “Thanks for awarding my movie this wonderful award.”

    And I whisper, “Thanks G-d, for this precious moment.”

    February 2023
  • Yunus Şevik

    Thank you for the best horror movie award given to our Horror Calendar movie. Well done to all the festival team, it was a great festival.

    April 2022
  • Aaron Crocker

    I enjoyed this festival quite a bit. I found the feedback to be helpful and will use the information moving forward.

    I found the awards ceremony to be extremely encouraging and supportive.

    I will absolutely be entering Awesome Film Festival in the future.

    February 2022
  • Christophe Moore

    This festival has handled themselves VERY well. Especially with this new variant that came out in the beginning of January, they chose to keep everyone safe and do the festival virtually. I will definitely submit future films to them.

    February 2022