An awesome festival for awesome filmmakers and screenwriters! We accept a wide range of Features, Shorts and Screenplays across various categories from Comedy to Drama to Horror and more!

EVERY ENTRY receives an OFFICIAL SELECTION LAUREL- because finishing a film or script means you're AWESOME!

The Awesome Film Festival is based in Burbank, California, the home of Warner Bros and Universal Studios- among countless post houses and filmmaking facilities. This gives your work an incredible opportunity to reach a wide ranging audience of filmmaking professionals.

You will receive the full RED CARPET treatment, Photo Ops for social media, a LIVE STAGED READING of the Winning Screenplay by the talented performers of LA Connection Theatre, as well as an Awards Ceremony and Screenings of the winning films, and an opportunity to network with filmmakers.

Entered Films and Screenplays also have the opportunity to receive valuable Feedback from writers who have been Winners or Finalists in the Nicholl Fellowship, Screencraft Horror/Comedy/Drama competitions, ISA Development Slate, ISA Fellowship, Filmmatic InRoads Fellowship and Scriptapalooza competitions, as well as award winning filmmakers. All Feedback is designed to be constructive and very helpful.

The Awesome Film Festival is focussed on giving filmmakers an opportunity to showcase their work in the heart of the entertainment industry with a chance of exposure to a wide range of audiences in the heart of the filmmaking capitol.

ALL entries receive an OFFICIAL SELECTION Laurel- because you earned it!

LIVE TABLE READ of the Winning Screenplay- performed in Hollywood by the talented cast of LA Connection Theatre!

Best Feature Film- The most AWESOME FEATURE film we saw this year!
Best Short Film- The most AWESOME short film we saw this year!

Best HorrorFeature Film- The scariest FEATURE film we saw this year!
Best Horror Short Film- The scariest SHORT film we saw this year!

Best Comedy Feature Film- The funniest FEATURE film we saw this year!
Best Comedy Short Film- The funniest SHORT film we saw this year!

Best Drama Film- The most dramatic FEATURE film we saw this year!
Best Drama Short Film- The most dramatic SHORT film we saw this year!

Best Sci-Fi Feature Film- The most out of this world FEATURE film we saw this year!
Best Sci-Fi Short Film- The most out of this world SHORT film we saw this year!

Best Director- The best person behind the camera this year!
Best Writer- The best wordsmith all year!

Best Actor- The best male performance we saw all year!
Best Actress- The best female performance we saw all year!
Best Supporting Actor- The best character we saw all year!

Best Premise- The best scenario we heard all year!

Winners receive-
Special Screening at our location in Burbank- right by the big studios and production companies!
Awards Ceremony at our Burbank screening location!
PR & Photo Op to promote your work!
Social Media blast!
Q&A for selected Winners!
An Award Winner Laurel to add value to your project!

- Films have no completion date requirement
- Films have no PREMIERE requirement
- No Screening Waivers
- All films must be submitted in English language or with English subtitles
- Online Screeners only for submission
- Screening requirements are Bluray or DVD
- Workprints are allowed (but please tell us what's being worked on and when it will be completed)
- By submitting to a category you agree to allow the AFF use of your film and promotional materials in our promotional materials and permission to screen your film at the Awesome Film Festival if it is selected as a Winner
- By submitting to us you agree to the terms and conditions and to receiving marketing newsletters and discounts about the Awesome Film Festival
We will never sell your information to 3rd parties.

Overall Rating
  • Richard Trask

    An exceptionally supportive and welcoming approach to participants. Nice interchange opportunities at award events, with subsequent media publicity as well.

    October 2020
  • Great festival! Great feedback! I’m very grateful for the Best short screenplay win!
    Highly recommend For upcoming artists.

    September 2020
  • Best wishes to your festival!

    September 2020
  • Mark Wilson

    Wicked festival, very professionally done. I hope you go on from strength to strength. Always kept in the loop. Brilliant

    September 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for being part of it, Mark! We wish you all the best with your current and future projects and look forward to seeing them in the future!

  • While I received lengthy feedback, this festival canceled its screenings and failed to create an online festival. Thousands of festivals have chosen to cope with COVID-19; most have delayed until after the pandemic ends, many have moved to an online screening, some have returned submission fees.

    Awesome Film Festival chose to keep my money, not hold a film festival and consider an email of praise, even if lengthy, worthy of my $21.75.


    But, it gets worse! The festival director, Chris O'Neil, emailed me to alter my review. It was only then that I discovered I'd won Best Short!

    But, did I? Because the review directly above this one is from a filmmaker who also won Best Short. So, how many Best Shorts did Chris hand out at his festival?

    Chris seems to be under the impression that putting in the barest bit of effort is somehow the same as excellence. "You got a lengthy review and digital laurels!" Yes, Chris...yes, I did. "I sent you two email invitations to the Zoom screening of your film." I never received any invitations from Chris and clearly my email works because he's more than capable of emailing me repeatedly...but, that's not the point.

    I never consented to a Zoom Screening. An unsecured zoom streaming session is not the same thing as screening in a movie theater.

    Other festivals are asking films if they'll consent to an online screening. Most are choosing to do something far more secure than a "zoom call with video." They're putting effort into their online festival.

    Maybe he doesn't know he's dishonest. Maybe achieving the bare minimum is, in his opinion, good enough. But, that misses the point entirely; Awesome Film Festival didn't deliver on its promise and only a modicum of effort was put into delivering a lame, unsecured Zoom-call-film-festival without proper promotion and without permission from the accepted films.

    And this makes more sense once I read an interview about Chris. He's just a typical struggling actor in Los Angeles. In my opinion, he probably thought throwing together a film festival would be a good side hustle. If effort and passion had been put into that side hustle, he'd be right.

    The dishonesty demonstrated by this festival is saddening but not atypical. Regardless, save your money for a festival that's actually a festival. This festival is, in my personal opinion, either the delusional failure of a C- student or an actual scam. Either way, it isn't worth your money.

    To put this in context, another small festival awarded me Best Short last week. The festival director called me on the phone to let me know. And he sent a plaque in the mail. It demonstrates his compassion for the people who screen their works for free at his event.

    Chris has none of that. In my opinion, he just wants your money.

    That's not a film festival. That's just a hustle.

    September 2020