The AAFF is on a World Tour and will take place in St. John's in the beautiful, twin-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda from October 1 - 8, 2016.

The Arusha African Film Festival (AAFF) is an international platform for the exhibition and celebration of films by filmmakers from around the world whose works are Africa-centric. AAFF is a global traveling festival, promoting the understanding of Africa through film in all the regions of the world.

AAFF is an eclectic, Africa-worldly cinematic niche that serves as a creative universe for the awakening of the African chi, memory, counter-memory, remembrance, and the symbiotic representations of our collective unconscious. These sensibilities are richly explored in the films we screen.

AAFF is also a forum for film education, production, distribution, marketing and networking. The festival brings from around the world, filmmakers, actors, producers, commissioning editors, distributors, scholars, poets, performing artists, cinema enthusiasts, students, and the public together for the common purpose of understanding Africa through film.

* Africa Unity Award for Best Feature, Short, Documentary, Student and Animation Films.
* Introduction to Commissioning Editors
* Introduction to Film Distribution and Marketing Agents
* Introduction to Casting Directors



Thank you for your interest in the Arusha African Film Festival.
The festival is open to everyone with particular focus on the theme of the festival.

Theme: “Understanding Africa through Film.”

Films that are not in English should be subtitled.

To submit your films, please follow the GUIDELINES:

1. All film submissions are to be done online. No DVDs.
2. There are minimal fees per entry or submission.
3. Short films should not be more than 30 minutes long. Feature films not less than 54 minutes in length.
4. Entries must be of good screening quality and may have been produced not later than 1960.
5. However, only films produced not later than 2014 will be considered for the awards competition.
4. Regular Film Submission Deadline: APRIL 15, 2016. Late Deadline: APRIL 30, 2016. Extended Deadline: MAY 14, 2016.
5. All submissions must have: (i). Title of Film (ii). Length (iii). Genre (iv). Name of Director/Producer (v). Country of Production (vi). Year of Production (vii). Email address.
6. Films can also be submitted online through the Arusha African Film Festival pages at the website:
7. If submitting through YouTube, Vimeo or Wetransfer, the link(s) to the film(s) online should be emailed to:
8. All films selected will be adjudicated by a jury.
9. Filmmakers will be advised of their films’ selection by May 30, 2016.
10. AAFF is not liable for any copyright violations on films submitted or screened at the festival. Make sure all copyright permissions are in place prior to film submissions.
11. AAFF is not liable for poor quality of films submitted. Poorly produced films are not likely to be selected or shown. Be concerned about the production quality of your films.
12. AAFF 2016 will be from Saturday, October 1st to Saturday, October 8th, 2016 in
St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda.

* Hakika Entertainment, Kultur Media and Hibiscus Management are the official organizers of the Arusha African Film Festival of 2016.
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Overall Rating
  • Excellent festival. I am so happy they selected my film, "The Parable of the Prodigal Daughter."

    October 2016