The Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam takes place at LantarenVenster film theatre from 9 to 12 October 2024. The AFFR programmers are selecting 75 sensational international films about recent developments in architecture and the city. Besides screenings of feature films and documentaries, the festival includes talk shows, debates, lectures and masterclasses devoted to particular themes.

The Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam wants to provoke a different view on city developments by screening a varied film programme for a wide audience. Film is after all one of the most accessible media and it can help to understand and criticize the complexity of architecture and urban planning. Films can vary from documentaries about a specific urban project to a biography of an architect, from a fly on the wall report about a planning process gone wrong to science fiction films about future cities, from historical films about regeneration projects to animations about imaginary cities.

The AFFR achieves to surprise and provoke the audience by programming films in a specific context and connect them to a debate about urban transformations. The festival is visited by over 8.000 enthusiastic and international visitors, 100 special guests, both filmmakers and architects.

We take pride in our balanced but challenging film selection, we are a one of a kind film festival. The festival is a party and a conference at the same time, with a lively atmosphere.

All filmmakers of the selected films are rewarded with our hospitality and respect. We don't believe in shiny prizes, since we believe in the best match between films, filmmakers and the audience. We promote all films and especially the top 10 films that are appreciated best by our audience. Furthermore, when selected, we can offer several services for filmmakers to help the film get distributed or publicized.

Do not send DVD's, we only accept online or digital screeners. If you do not have the film online, email us for our ftp data.

The film should be English spoken or English subtitled.

When selected, we will screen your film on DCP, digital files (on Mac), Bluray, 35mm or 16mm. Other formats are excluded.

Screenings in the Netherlands prior to the one at AFFR are not permitted. And we always have an extra warm party welcome for European of World premieres.

The AFFR is a niche festival about urban development or architecture. Please check out our selection criteria, our theme or our great website to get some idea of what we are looking for.

Overall Rating
  • YUTING Cai

    It is my honour to join in this film festival. The only thing is that maybe the festival could send some images about the screening of my films in the venue or they can send me feedback or something. That would more make sense.
    But overall, it is a very good festival.

    December 2023
  • Lukas Schmid

    from A to Z a sublime pleasure. Hope to be back!

    October 2023
  • As always, it was fantastic to be part of AFFR. This was the fourth time I took part in the festival, but the first time that my film was selected as opening film. The staff is very friendly, there are great talks and debates, the audience is fantastic, and then the festival makes sure that all directors get to meet each other and network. Awesome festival!!

    October 2022
  • We are thrilled that we were included in this!!

    November 2021
  • Martijn Schinkel

    Thank you for screening De Lentloper and inviting me to your awesome film festival all dedicated to Architecture! Had a really nice time meeting people in one of Rotterdams finest venues Lantaarnvenster. Hope to be there next year!

    October 2021