Anti-racist Film Days (ARF) is a film & talk festival aiming to shed light on and debate issues concerning racism, xenophobia, discrimination through film screenings with seminars or workshops. We turn to children, youth and adults. ARF was founded in 1993 and 2023 is our 30th anniversary.

The ARF 2023 festival focuses on islamophobia and anti-muslim racism in the West. We are thus searching in particular for fiction or non-fiction films that depict xenophobia or discrimination against muslims. For this festival we will only take into consideration films with the content that we require, that is that shows anti-muslim acts, feelings or attitudes, aiming to fight islamophobia in the West.

ARF is a part of the Non-profit association Filmcentrum Syd.

The festival is for educational purposes, advocacy and opinion forming. There is no competion nor prizes.

The screening copy should be with English subtitles.
We requiere a DCP or a high resolution file for screening.
If we see the film relevant and appropiate for our audience we can pay the licences fees for the films.

We will not take into consideration films with other content than required.